Policies & Procedures

Administrative Policies & Procedures

Many of the internal functions and processes at UW Bothell are consistent with those policies and procedures set for the University as a whole. However, some of these functions and processes differ from UW Seattle’s. The list below contains those policies and procedures that are specific to UW Bothell.

This page will be updated as additional policies and procedures are completed. If you need information on protocol for developing a new policy or revising an existing policy, please contact Therese Zorich at thgrant@uw.edu or 425.352.5404.

1.0 Planning & Administration

1.1 Campus Conference Rooms

1.2 Inclement Weather Campus Closure Procedure

2.0 Auxiliary Services

2.1 Bike Lockers

2.2 Free Speech

2.3 Rules and Regulations (Parking)

2.4 U-PASS Program

2.5 Use of Campus Lockers

3.0 Fiscal and Audit Services (FAS)

Click here for all FAS procedures

3.1 (Food Purchase Policy) and (Food Approval Form)

3.2 Contract Review and Approval Policy

3.3 Use of Discretionary Funds

4.0 Facilities Services

4.1 Animals on Campus

4.2 Building Hours

4.3 Campus Custodial Responsibilities (co-location billing)

4.4 Campus Grounds Responsibilities (co-location billing)

4.5 Children on Campus

4.6 Cleaning Schedule and Guidelines

4.7 Emergency Repairs

4.8 Facility Use Charges

4.10 Postings of sign and bulletin boards

4.11 Routine Repairs

4.12 Telephone Services

4.13 Waste/Recycling (Administrative, Faculty, and Staff Work Areas)

4.14 Waste/Recycling (Classrooms, Study Rooms, and Hallways)

5.0 Human Resources

5.1 Absence During Closure: leave issues

5.2 Family and Medical Leave

5.3 Function Assignments

5.4 Telework

5.5 University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO)

5.6 Workplace Violence

6.0 Information Technologies

6.1 IT Accessibility

6.2 Campus Print Management

7.0 Security & Campus Safety

7.1 Emergency Notification

7.2 License Plate Policy

7.3 Lost and Found Property

7.4 Motorist Assistance

7.5 Release of Information

7.6 Reporting Incident/Accident/Illness

7.7 Sexual Assaults

7.8 Sex Offender Notification

7.9 Timely Warnings

7.10 Trespass Warnings

7.11 Use of Force