Sports and Recreation Complex

About the Sports and Recreation Complex

The Sports and Recreation Complex is a 2.5 acre (100,000 square foot) complex including a shared soccer and softball field, tennis courts, a basketball court and a sand volley ball court. The Sports and Recreation Complex serves the existing student body by providing enhanced opportunities for students and recreational activities.

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The Sports and Recreation Complex planning process was guided by the Associated Student Body and university staff. The recreation development enhances the university’s fundamental academic mission, campus life, and qualitatively improve the campus experience.


In alignment with UW Bothell’s priorities, the 21st Century Campus Initiative and UW’s Climate Action Plan, the Sports and Recreation Complex incorporates artificial turf and unique reflector design sports fields lighting systems which reduces light pollution by 50 percent, resulting in more light being directed where it’s needed: on the playing field surface.

Environmental Impact

The Sports and Recreation Complex is built entirely outside of the wetland and its buffer.

Lowland Landscaping

The proposed landscape improvements are designed to enhance the natural wooded character of the campus uplands and complement the restored floodplain environment of the campus lowland.

Native plant materials, reflective of a transitional habitat between upland and lowland, are emphasized in the plant schedule. Some limited ornamentals have been added for accent and to fulfill both functional land aesthetic purposes, but these include only species that are hardy in the Pacific Northwest are compatible with native plants (are non-invasive) and are not resource-intensive to grow and maintain. A formal arrangement of trees has been placed along the axial walkway to screen and soften the chain link fences on either side but otherwise the composition is natural and informal.

Plant material was selected with particular emphasis on drought-tolerance. A water-efficient irrigation system has been provided to help establish plant materials but it is anticipated that it may only be used selectively when soil moisture declines to a level that indicates the plants may be stressed. The irrigation system has been designed to allow for progressive reductions to the point where it may be completely eliminated.

ADA Accessible

Accessible access is taken from the ADA accessible regional trail to the east and a new accessible pathway from Campus Way NE to the west upon project completion.

Project Funding

The $3.3 million student-funded project is made up of $2.9 million of student activity fees and $.04 million in building fees. The student activity fee is paid by the students for the purpose of student activities and programs. The building fees are also paid for by students to support campus facility renewal and modernization. There are no state funds used for this project.

Additional Information

For additional information about this project, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Facts & Figures

  • 2.5 acres (100,000 square feet)
  • Multi-purpose field for soccer, softball, flag football and ultimate Frisbee.
  • Two tennis courts
  • One basketball court
  • One sand volleyball court
  • Includes seating, paved pathways, lighting, scoreboard and storage.
  • $3.3 million project cost, student funded.

Printable Campus Map

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Sports Field Time-Lapse

Watch the time-lapse construction video of the sports field.


Frequently Asked Questions