Food & Drink


The use of alcohol for events within the ARC requires permits/forms to be submitted four weeks prior to the event. In order to obtain a banquet permit for an event on campus, the event organizer must complete the on-campus form as well as the state form. Both of these forms must be posted during the event. The event organizer is responsible for following all campus and state guidelines and regulations regarding the use of alcohol during the event.


Can food be served at events in the ARC?

  • Yes, if the University of Washington Environmental Health & Safety (UW EH&S) food guidance is followed.

Do I need a food permit?

What type of food can be served in the ARC?

  • Permitted foods that do not require a Temporary Food Service permit included:
  • Shelf-stable foods (pre-packaged foods from a licensed food establishment or food processing plant).
  • Permitted foods that require a Temporary Food Service Permit include:
  • Foods purchased from permitted restaurants or caterers with current county health department-issued operating permits.
  • Anything that isn’t shelf stable.

Can food be cooked or prepared in the ARC?

  • No, the ARC does not have a permitted and inspected commercial prep or commissary kitchen. All food must be prepared before arrival.

Can we have food trucks at our event?

  • Food trucks may be possible but must be reviewed and approved by ARC and UW EH&S.

Is there a required caterer?

  • Aramark is an authorized caterer for events being held by UW Bothell departments, and a Temporary Food Service permit will not be required. All other groups are not required to use Aramark.

Is there anywhere to store food in the ARC?

  • Unfortunately, no commercially approved food equipment is available in the ARC.

Are there any exceptions to the above guidelines?

  • A Temporary Food Service Permit MAY not be required if the following applies to your event:
  • The event is invitation-only and private (a non-UW organization) or limited to members for a small, closed campus group (e.g. a class or student club); and the event is not open or advertised (e.g. social media, email, poster, word of mouth) to the greater campus community of the public.
  • Please contact if unsure if food service at your event is exempt from a permit.