Software Tutorials

Need to brush up on your quantitative software?

New to Excel? Want to advance your Excel skills? Curious about GIS? Need to do some statistical analysis in SPSS but haven’t used it before? The links below contain tutorials in the form of interactive worksheets, instructional videos, links, and written instructions.

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Introductory Excel

Here are several YouTube tutorials:

Intermediate Excel

Here are several YouTube tutorials:

Check out these websites for additional Excel help!

Excel 2019 Tutorials – Includes links to videos of how to start with Excel 2019

Excel 2007: Use for Analysis of Economics Data A collection of handouts assuming no knowledge of Excel and relatively little knowledge of statistics

Excel Easy for 2010 or 2007: An illustrated tutorial that starts from the beginning for those with no knowledge of Excel

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Resources

“A geographic information system (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.” –

UW Library Geospatial Resources Guide: UW GIS Resources, Libraries Hosted GeoData, GIS Data Websites, Finding Imagery, GIS Lab in Suzzallo Library, Other Mapping Tools, and FAQ.

UW Seattle GIS departmental page


SPSS is a statistical software package. The guide below will provide an introduction to SPSS including some setup, and using icons and toolbars. Participants will learn to use SPSS features with an emphasis on those needed for statistics.

SPSS Video for Beginners by a YouTube tutorial that goes over all SPSS basics

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