Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have a tutor available for my subject?
    A list of the most common courses we cover can be found by subject on our schedule page. Click on one of the subject buttons to find your course. Not every course is listed that is quantitative, so you can always call us (425-352-3170) if you don’t see your course to make sure there will be a tutor present who can assist you.
  2. What is a quantitative skill?
    A quantitative skill is any skill that involves using or manipulating numbers. It is the ability to reason using numbers. For example, statistics, economics, and algebra are areas where quantitative skills are essential, but quantitative tools pop up in every discipline.
  3. What makes the Quantitative Skills Center different from a Math Center?
    Math Centers tend to cater specifically to math classes. The Quantitative Skills Center is open to anyone who wants academic support with a quantitative question for one or more of their classes. You don’t need to be in a math class to receive help at the QSC.
  4. Who is eligible for tutoring?
    The QSC offers FREE tutoring for all UWB students, staff, and faculty. If you’re a Cascadia student or a UW Seattle student, please go to our Tutoring page to find links to the colleges’ respective tutoring center websites.
  5. Is the tutoring you offer one-to-one?
    Tutoring is on a drop in, first come, first serve basis. You are welcome to come in as a group or by yourself.
  6. Do I need an appointment?
    Tutoring within the Center is available on a drop-in basis. We are currently unable to offer online tutoring.
  7. Is tutoring offered online?
    Yes! Please check our Online Tutoring page. 
  8. Is the Quantitative Skills Center open on weekends?
    We are open on a limited basis on Sundays during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Please check the QSC hours and tutor schedule.
  9. Do you offer private tutoring?
    No, the QSC does not offer private tutoring. However, some of our tutors do take private clients. If you are interested, contact Laura Hollingsworth who will relay your interest to our staff.
  10. Where is the QSC located?
    We are located in the UW2 building (Commons Hall), room 030.
  11. Where are the CSS labs located?
    The labs are located in UW1, rooms 310 and 320.
  12. How do I access the CSS labs?
    All students who are enrolled in a computer science course (prefix CSS) have access to the labs after activating their student ID. In order to activate your student ID you must visit Campus Security (down the stairs from the bookstore LB2-005) and inform them of your need and which class you are enrolled in.
  13. Do you have computers for student use?
    We have several computers available for student use. However, in order to print students must use one of the printers in the campus labs, e.g., in UW2-140, or in the library.
  14. Do you have calculators for student use?
    We have several calculators (graphing & scientific) available for student use in the QSC. Students also have the option of checking out a calculator for 24-hour periods.
  15. What kind of software does the QSC have?
    You can find out list of available software here. If we don’t have the software you need, let us know and we’ll look into it. You can email us at
  16. Can the tutors help me with programming code?                              QSC tutors can help you with the logic behind the code, but not the syntax.
  17. I forgot my textbook. Does the QSC have one?                                                                        The QSC has current texts from classes that we tutor most often. Students are welcome to use these texts while in the Center. Textbooks not in use for the quarter are available to checkout for 2 weeks. Additionally, most textbooks are available for checkout from the library on campus.
  18. Can I do my homework in the QSC even if I don’t need help from a tutor?                         Yes!! The QSC is a great place to study or do your homework, and if you find you do have a question, the tutors are ready to help.
  19. How do I organize a study group?                                                                                              Let us know you are interested in a study group by emailing us at or calling 425-352-3170. We will contact your professor, pass a sign-up sheet around your class or talk with students in your class who are currently using the Center to help create a study group for you.