Student Veterans Association Challenge Coin

There is a tradition amongst members of the U.S. Military to carry a special coin symbolizing unit identity and esprit de corps. Bonds are formed under some of the most challenging of circumstances thousands of miles from home. Custom coins minted for military units – each bearing their own revered symbols and mottos – capture the essence of their affiliation and pride.

Above & beyond

Coins are also given to those who have performed above and beyond the call of duty. Known to generations of American military personnel as challenge coins, they are a vital part of military life today and are revered by troops in every branch of service.


The University of Washington Bothell and the Student Veterans Association have established a tradition whereby this challenge coin is presented to each graduating student veteran and/or dependent at the conclusion of every term in appreciation of their service, sacrifice, and achievement.

The coin, along with a graduation stole created specifically for our veterans, is awarded to each veteran by the Chancellor and the President of the Student Veterans Association.