Amaranth Borsuk and Shannon Cram publish in Moss

Amaranth Borsuk and Shannon Cram have work in the latest issue of Moss: a Journal of the Pacific Northwest. The issue features “Here, in the Plutonium,” an excerpt from Cram’s new book Unmaking the Bomb: Environmental Cleanup and the Politics of Impossibility. In a meditation on an oratorio performed inside the B reactor at the...

November 7, 2023

Jin-Kyu Jung speaks at Geography Departmental Colloquium at UC Berkeley

Jin-Kyu Jung presents his research on “Critical and Creative Engagements with GIS and Geovisualization” at Department of Geography at UC Berkeley. He discusses the emergence and blending of different modes/forms of critical and creative engagements with GIS and geovisualization and specific ways to work with various modes/forms of embodied, relational, interpretive, and expressive geographies.

November 7, 2023

Bullitt Foundation Award goes to IAS Student Researcher

Kristina Chu in the Master of Social Work program at UW was awarded the Bullitt Foundation prize for her work on IAS faculty member Melanie Malone’s research on community gardens in Seattle. Her research will be centered around advocating for communities exposed to contamination and mapping out how people understand contamination in garden spaces. For...

October 31, 2023

Jin-Kyu Jung gave a keynote speech at the Fly Asia 2023 conference

Jin-Kyu Jung gave a keynote speech, “Smart urban Innovation: Re-imagining the relationship between cities, innovation economy, and inclusive engagement with resilient communities,” at the Fly Asia 2023: From Cities to Startups conference held at Busan Korea. Jung discussed the “Seattle Process,” where financial, digital, social, and cultural capital connects different actors and organizations to create...

October 31, 2023

Kari Lerum, Ching-In Chen, & Alka Kurian present at National Women’s Studies Association

IAS had a presence at the 43rd National Women’s Studies conference in Baltimore, MD with presentations by faculty members Ching-In Chen, Kari Lerum, and Alka Kurian. Ching-In Chen moderated a panel on “Feminist creativity as the backbone of resistance: The cases of Videography, Art, Writing, and Autoethnography.” Kari Lerum presented on this same panel with...

October 31, 2023

Joe Ferrare discusses social capital and higher education in podcast

Joe Ferrare, associate professor in IAS, was recently interviewed in a podcast by Julia Freeland Fisher about the importance of social capital in higher education. During the interview, Ferrare discusses his research that has shown the ways in which universities serve as brokers of crucial relationships that can have a lasting impact on students’ social...

October 12, 2023

Neil Simpkins publishes article about the role of syllabi in disability accommodations

Neil Simpkins published The Rhetorical Role of Syllabi in Student Conversations about Disability Accommodations in the June 2023 issue of College Composition and Communication. The article examines how students use information on syllabi to shape their disability accommodation requests, and offers strategies for teachers to write inclusive syllabi.

October 10, 2023

Yolanda Padilla co-edits volume featuring Latina feminist archival research

IAS faculty member Yolanda Padilla has edited with Montse Feu of Sam Houston State University Latina Histories and Cultures: Feminist Readings and Recoveries of Archival Knowledge. This collection of scholarly essays introduces new research on Latina histories and cultures from the mid-nineteenth century to 1980. Examining a wide range of source materials, including personal and...

October 10, 2023

Jason Frederick Lambacher join King County Citizen Election Oversight Committee (KCEOC)

Jason Frederick Lambacher was appointed to the King County Citizen Election Oversight Committee (KCEOC) by the King County Council, a 16-member group that meets regularly to advise the Council on voter access, public confidence in election administration, and issues surrounding transparency and discrimination. The committee represents a diverse collection of King County residents, with members...

September 28, 2023

MFA Alumni Eric Acosta releases debut Book – Motion Flesh

Eric Acosta (MFA ’20) released his debut book – Motion Flesh this summer. Motion Flesh, a collection of poetry and flash fiction was published by Chat Rooms Press. Eric’s new work had a celebratory release party at Common Area Maintenance in Seattle. Several University of Washington Bothell MFA community members were in attendance – MFA...

September 28, 2023