Dr. Julie Shayne publishes a piece about the power of students’ voices

Dr. Shayne, Teaching Professor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, and Global Studies has a new piece in Ms. Magazine online. The piece is titled “‘Sharing Our Stories Loosens the Grip they Have on Us’: Watching Students Claim Voice to Power” and can be read here.In it she discusses her class “The Power of Feminist...

June 20, 2024

Rage and Feminist Resurgence

In a world marked by unprecedented mass mobilizations, what does feminist rage look like? This presentation explores how women in Argentina, Morocco, and South Korea are campaigning against the pandemic of femicide, sexual violence, moral policing, cyber exploitation, and extreme beauty standards. It looks at the ways in which, inspired by the belief in the...

February 29, 2024

Teaching for Equity in STEM

Professor Becca Price recently spoke at an event sponsored by the Graduate Society of Women Engineers at UW Seattle. The title of her talk was “Teaching equitably, fairly, and with justice.” During the presentation, she had a dynamic discussion with attendees about teaching by building from students’ strengths, using community cultural wealth and ethics of...

February 29, 2024

Jin-Kyu Jung and Ted Hiebert publish “Mapping Haunted Data: Creative Geographic Visualization”

IAS faculty members Jin-Kyu Jung and Ted Hiebert published the article Mapping Haunted Data: Creative Geographic Visualization in Livingmaps Review. The article emphasizes forms of visualization and mapping that preserve, represent, and generate more authentic, contextual, and nuanced meanings of space and the people that inhabit space—using specifically artistic and humanistic perspectives and approaches. This...

November 28, 2023

Julie Shayne publishes article about teaching in the wake of Trump

Julie Shayne publishes article about teaching in the wake of Trump Dr. Julie Shayne, co-coordinator of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies just published an article in the Humboldt Journal for Social Relation’s (HJSR) special issue “Teaching in the Wake of Trump.”

May 2, 2023

Jin-Kyu Jung co-edited a special issue in Urban Planning journal

IAS faculty member Jin-Kyu Jung co-edited the thematic issue for Urban Planning, “Smart Engagement with Citizens: Integrating “the Smart” into Inclusive Public Participation and Community Planning,” with Jung Eun Kang at the Pusan National University in Korea.

May 2, 2023