Learn how to draw connections across multiple fields of study to engage in the issues you care about most.

Faculty and staff in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) believe that who you are matters and that your individual journey through college should reflect your unique goals and passions. Our undergraduate majors and minors provide you the opportunity to discover new areas of interest, develop your sense of purpose, and deepen your ability to confront complex modern challenges. Through IAS coursework and other educational experiences, students see firsthand what it means to take an interdisciplinary approach in work and life, and why an interdisciplinary approach matters for socially-just and environmentally-sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

Co-curricular activities offered through the School of IAS are made available to students based on their shared areas of study or professional interests. This helps our students forge authentic relationships with faculty and peers across all IAS majors and the larger campus community.

Explore academic areas of study in IAS

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Arts & Media

Use your creativity, imagination, and passion for innovation to develop or express meaning across various audiences.

Majors represented in the Arts & Media area of study examine visual, literary, and media practices as a way to transmit information and ideas in professional, technical, organizational, academic, and/or public settings. Coursework and other learning experiences in related IAS majors generally enhance students’ abilities for ideation, and increase their skills in oral, written, and visual communications.

Business & Policy

Apply your leadership abilities to better understand how teams and organizations operate and thrive.

Majors represented in the Business & Policy area of study examine organizational and societal structures to improve processes or develop initiatives. Academic and other learning experiences in related IAS majors generally enhance students’ ability for project management, and increase their skills in data analysis, critical thinking, and communication.

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Education & Society

Follow your passion for helping people, serving the community, and improving the lives of those in need.

Majors represented in the Education & Society area of study identify, assess, and analyze human experiences and cultural values to understand societal behaviors, structures, issues, and practices. Academic and other learning experiences in related IAS majors generally enhance students’ abilities for intercultural communication and analytical thinking, and increase their skills in critical thinking, analysis, and complex problem solving.

Health & Natural Sciences

Use your research and observation skills to increase a shared sense of social responsibility and confront the complex issues facing humans and the world.

Majors represented in the Health & Natural Sciences area of study apply knowledge of the physical, chemical, biological, and social sciences to solve problems and advance discoveries. Coursework and other learning experiences in related IAS majors provide hands-on experience with lab research or field work and enhance students’ abilities to analyze data, identify patterns, manage interactions or predict outcomes.

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Technology & Engineering

Deepen your interests in experimentation and data analysis to address contemporary global and societal challenges.

Majors represented in the Technology & Engineering area of study solve complex problems that include scientific, social, political, cultural, and ethical dilemmas. Coursework and other learning experiences in related IAS majors generally enhance students’ abilities to solve problems or equations using logic and technology, and increase skills in data visualization and analysis.


Students in the School of IAS are passionate about gaining knowledge in a broad span of disciplines across the humanities, natural sciences, technology, and mathematics, and using this knowledge to lead social change.


Courses taught by faculty in the School of IAS draw on knowledge from multiple academic areas of study to help students learn about and respond to emerging issues and problems across modern and diverse social contexts.


Hands-on learning experiences inspire IAS students to seek socially-just and environmentally-sustainable career opportunities to address the concerns of individuals, communities, and organizations, and regions.