School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences


What is Scholarship?

Anida Yoeu Ali - The Red ChadorScholarship lies at the heart of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences.

IAS embraces a mission focused on working closely with a diverse student body in a transformational learning environment. This mission underwrites our emphasis on interdisciplinary and engaged research and creative practice, teaching, and service that address the concerns of our region and world.

Our faculty members develop local, national, and international reputations through their published research and creative practice, their innovative pedagogies, and their efforts to reimagine what an institution of higher education can do and be.  Their work also extends beyond the academy through public and community-engaged projects related to their areas of expertise.

Scholarship is a term that encompasses all of these activities. 

Why does Scholarship Matter to IAS Students?

Amy Lambert in the fieldEven a quick review of IAS faculty members’ webpages will reveal a remarkable range and depth of accomplishment.  This expansive scope of activity and influence is a testament to the strength of the faculty culture IAS has built. As our Statement on Promotion and Tenure indicates, we value these accomplishments both on their own and as they inform other aspects of our work in IAS and at UW Bothell.

Faculty members with national and international reputations in their fields are able to ensure that course content is up-to-date, that new curricula and pedagogies are cutting-edge, and that student publications are of the highest quality. Faculty members with active and engaged lives as scholars provide IAS students, undergraduate and graduate, with rigorous instruction in the classroom and dedicated mentoring beyond it.

To learn more about the interests and accomplishments of the IAS faculty, we encourage you to visit the web pages of individual faculty members, read our News blog, or better yet, knock on some of our office doors.

How does IAS Support Scholarship?

Karam Dana presentingIAS’s Initiatives to Develop Interdisciplinary Scholarship and Collaboration (I-DISCO) support the IAS goal to become a leading center for interdisciplinary, engaged, and collaborative scholarship. I-DISCO provides support for activities designed to promote interdisciplinary scholarship, cross-disciplinary understanding, and a collaborative and engaged intellectual culture within and beyond IAS.

I-DISCO currently supports Distinguished Speakers and Public Events; Writing and Creation Workshops; Teaching and Research Interest Groups; Teaching and Leadership Innovation Initiatives; Student Project Assistants; and External Visitors to IAS Courses.  In addition, IAS faculty members take advantage of other UW funding opportunities such as the Simpson Center for the Humanities and the Royalty Research Fund.