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You can learn more about our faculty, our program staff, our current student cohorts, and alumni of the Policy Studies program. If you have questions about this program, please feel free to contact us for further information.


Camille Walsh

Associate Professor

Camille Walsh

Education: Ph.D., History, University of Oregon; J.D. Harvard Law School
Research Fields: Legal and Policy History; Education Policy; Critical Race and Gender Studies; Human Rights; Tax Policy
Methodological Expertise: Qualitative Methods; Legal Research; Textual Analysis; Archival Research/Historical Analysis

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Explore profiles of our core and affiliate faculty members, including information on areas of expertise, pedagogy, courses taught, research/scholarship, and selected publications.

Shauna Elbers Carlisle

Associate Professor

Shauna Elbers Carlisle

Education: Ph.D., Social Welfare, University of Washington
Research Fields: Social Welfare, Social Policy, Social Services and Nonprofit Administration, Health Disparities
Methodological Expertise: Quantitative Methods, Multilinear models, Program Evaluation/Evaluation Science

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Charlie Collins

Associate Professor

Charlie Collins

Education: Ph.D., Ecological Community Psychology, Michigan State University
Research Fields: Community psychology, community organizing, racial and social justice
Methodological Expertise: advanced quantitative methods and analysis, social network analysis, survey methods, interview methods, hard to reach populations

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Joseph J. Ferrare

Associate Professor

Joseph J. Ferrare

Education: Ph.D., Curriculum Theory & Research Methods, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Research Fields: Education policy, policy formation, policy networks
Methodological Expertise: Social network analysis, clustering and scaling, mixed methods, research design

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Martha Groom


Martha Groom

Education: Ph.D., Zoology, University of Washington
Research Fields: Biodiversity Conservation, Land Use Planning, Sustainable Development, Environmental Justice, Ecology
Methodological Expertise: Experimental design, Quantitative and some Qualitative methods (survey and interview)

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Jin-Kyu Jung


Jin-Kyu Jung

Education: Ph.D., Geography, State University of New York at Buffalo
Research Fields: Urban Geography, Urban Planning
Methodological Expertise: Geographic Information Sciences (GIS); participatory mapping; qualitative/mixed methods

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Keith Nitta

Associate Professor

Keith Nitta

Education: Ph.D., Political Science, University of California Berkeley
Research Fields: Education Policy, Policy Process, Politics
Methodological Expertise: Interviewing, Focus Groups, Survey, Program Evaluation

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Robert Turner

Teaching Professor

Robert Turner

Education: Ph.D. Marine Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Research fields: Environmental management and monitoring, Enviromental geography, Environment and Sustainability

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Graduate Programs Staff

Learn about IAS Graduate Programs staff members. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to get more information about our graduate programs!

Crystal Galván

Graduate Programs Manager and Advisor

Crystal Galván brings seven years of experience in supporting students from minoritized, low socio-economic, and first-generation backgrounds in higher education. She earned a dual degree from Washington State University; B.A. in Comparative Ethnic Studies and a B.A. in Sociology. Crystal earned her master’s from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in Latin American and Latinx Studies (LALS). In her most recent role as a Coordinator for the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program at Purdue University Northwest, she led the preparation of McNair Scholars for graduate education (i.e. summer research internship, graduate portfolio seminars, and scholarly workshops) and managed day-to-day operations.

She was born and raised in Eastern Washington, and is proud of her migrant/farmworker background. At the University of Washington Bothell, she looks forward to working with IAS graduate students, the IAS team, and the UW Bothell community. As a graduate advisor/manager her main priorities are graduate student success and access for future graduate students. In her free time, Crystal likes to go out dancing, listen to Bad Bunny & El Alfa, and spend time with her family and kitties!

Eva Navarijo

Director, Academic Services & Advising

Eva Navarijo

Eva Navarijo comes to IAS with 12 years direct experience advising first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented university students in academic, study abroad, and residence hall settings. She also brings significant experience with grant-funded program management and assessment. As the former director of the First Scholars program at Washington State University she has overseen programming, counseling, and advising for first-generation college students; led a living learning community for first-generation college students; and co-founded First-Generation Abroad, to increase access to study abroad and global leadership learning opportunities. She also trains faculty and staff on best practices for engaging and serving first-generation students.

As an undergraduate at Washington State University, Eva participated in TRIO Student Support Services and was selected to join the McNair Achievement Program. She graduated with an Honors BA in English, focused on Multicultural Literature and Pedagogy. She completed graduate studies at Saint Louis University in the American Studies program.

Chelsea Nesvig

Research Librarian

Chelsea Nesvig

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As Policy Studies Librarian, Chelsea assists students in conducting research and literature reviews for course assignments and capstone projects. She works with students both in the classroom and on a one-to-one basis.

Chelsea graduated with her MLIS from the University of Washington iSchool in June 2014. She joined the Campus Library in January 2015 and has taught online and face-to-face in the lower division information literacy curriculum at both UW Bothell and Cascadia, along with providing instruction and support to faculty and students in UW Bothell’s School of Nursing and Health Studies. Chelsea became the Global & Policy Studies librarian in April 2016.

Graduate Student Representatives (GSR)

GSRs facilitate mechanisms and spaces by which students in the program can contribute to discussions about the program and degree. In this capacity they serve as a resource to other students and the program director.

  • GSRs for the 2023-2024 cohort: TBD.

Current Students

Read about some of our dynamic Policy Studies graduate students and their interests.

2023 Cohort

  • Maryam Aburabie
  • Nubah Anan
  • Laila Elmsaih
  • Nick D’Ambrioso
  • Rico Espinosa
  • Nadia Goforth
  • Madison Hobbs
  • Brianne Leslie
  • Percy Yang

Laila Elmsaih [she/hers]

Laila Elmsaih

B.A. in Law, Economics, & Public Policy with minors in Human Rights, Health Studies, and Diversity Studies, University of Washington Bothell


I’m a hardworking, helpful individual that is extremely passionate about making a difference in the world. I’m a driven and dedicated MAPS Graduate student with a passion for public service and a strong interest in the legal field. My goal is to work in the legal field whether it be as a lawyer, or working in the government. I aspire to contribute to the betterment of society by crafting and implementing laws that address pressing issues and ensure justice for all. I strive to make a lasting impact in the realm of policy and law.

Rico Espinosa [he/him]

Rico Espinosa

B.A. in Community Psychology with a minor in Policy Studies, University of Washington Bothell

Veteran Affairs, Mental Health, and Community Engagement

Rico Espinosa is a dedicated advocate for social justice and equity, driven by a deep passion to create positive change in the lives of veterans and the broader community. As a veteran, Rico brings a unique perspective to his work in the field of veteran advocacy and mental health. His journey has been guided by a commitment to exploring the intersection of psychology, policy, and community organizing. Rico has actively contributed to research projects that bridge these domains, including a study focused on the profound impact of community-based interventions on mental health outcomes. Additionally, he has delved into research examining the effects of policy changes on veteran healthcare, with the goal of improving access and quality of care for veterans.

Madison Hobbs [she/they]

Madison Hobbs

B.A. in Law, Economics & Public Policy, University of Washington Bothell

Healthcare equity and policy

After interning at the Washington State capital, Madison has ignited a love for government and its inner workings. Madison’s dream work would be writing and advising healthcare policy to allow for a more equitable healthcare system. After her own struggles with the healthcare system and its lack of accessibility, she wants to write a policy allowing everyone access to the healthcare they need. Madison is looking forward to learning the tools on how to properly write policy with the MAPS program.

Brianne Leslie [she/they]

Brianne Leslie

B.A. in Sociology, minor in Political Science, Western Washington University

Environmental Justice, Affordable/Social Housing Policy, Transformative Justice

Bri has spent her life in Washington and currently resides in West Seattle. She became involved in community organizing during undergrad at WWU and continued her interest in advocacy work throughout the pandemic years. She currently works at the King County Department of Public Defense, where she has cemented her interest in transformative justice and harm reduction. She is especially interested in environmental & climate justice and hopes to research community-based solutions to the climate crisis, exploring the connection between movement building and public policy. Outside of work and school, Bri enjoys hiking, biking, and playing banjo.

Percy Yang [he/him]

Percy Yang

B.A. in Communication, University Of California Davis

Human Rights, Digital Media, International Relations, Foreign Policy

Percy Yang is a Chinese international student who had studied in the United States for nearly a decade since he was an eighth grader. Prior to UWB, he completed his undergrad specialized in Communication at the University Of California, Davis. In his free time, he enjoys watching comedy clips, hiking, and a variety of sporting events. He wishes to take the knowledge he will obtain from the MAPS program to better understand how digital media plays a significant role in the field of international relations and how he can provide possible solutions to issues between countries.

2022 Cohort

  • Daramfon Ayeni
  • Christina Darley

Read about some of our dynamic Policy Studies students and their interests.


Our alumni work in a variety of policy-related settings across professional sectors. Learn about their experiences in the program and how they are applying their degrees.

Alumni Ambassadors are alumni representatives who embody the values and aims of the M.A. in Policy Studies program. As alumni working across diverse roles and sectors, they support prospective students, current students, and fellow alumni by sharing how they’ve translated their degrees and navigated their careers.

Learn about our Alumni Ambassadors and email to be connected.

Asiya (Asiya Budden) Abdul-Alim, ’18

Asiya (Asiya Budden) Abdul-Alim (She/Her) is Scheduling Case Manager and President of ASPIRE (African Americans, Successfully, Promoting, Inclusivity, Respect & Equity) at Dendreon. Asiya is an innovative problem solver, who believes that every problem has a solution. Her strengths are training and development, effective leadership, policy procedure, development and implementation. She thrives in a workplace environment that fosters an open door policy and celebrates creative problem solving, innovation and diversity.

At Dendreon, Asiya oversees the scheduling and monitoring patients’ treatments in a diverse environment, with an emphasis on patient experience. She manages the creation and execution of production plans supporting treatment, including but not limited to production and demand planning, logistics analysis, scheduling, and real-time product monitoring.

Joren Clowers, ’18

Joren Clowers is a Government Relations Liaison and lobbyist working at the Washington State Legislature where he represents association and business interests. He previously worked as a Legislative Assistant in the State House of Representatives and as a Campaign Manager for a successful State House race. During his M.A, Joren worked as the Student Assistant in the UW Bothell Office of Government & Community Relations.

Joren received his M.A. in Policy Studies (‘18) from UW Bothell where he researched voting trends of young adults. He also attended UW Bothell for undergraduate coursework where he double majored in Law, Economics & Public Policy and American Ethnic Studies with a minor in Human Rights (’17).

Marjan Didra,’19

Marjan Didra moved to the United States in 2009. She holds an M.A. in Policy Studies and B.A. in Gender Women and Sexuality Studies from the University of Washington Bothell. Marjan believes in public service and started her mission of serving her community in 2012 through canvassing, fundraising, and advocating for marginalized communities.

Marjan also has a lived experience as a spouse of a Veteran and is currently working as a Director of Veterans Affairs for Senator Murray’s office. She continues her mission of service by assisting our Washington State Veterans and their families to make sure their voice is heard and that they have access to existing resources.

Kaylee Galloway, ’18

Kaylee Galloway graduated from UW Bothell with her M.A. in Policy Studies in 2018. She currently works for the Washington State House of Representatives as a Legislative Assistant to Representative Debra Lekanoff (40th LD). Galloway previously served as Community Liaison for Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-01) in Whatcom and Skagit Counties and as a Staff Assistant for Senator Maria Cantwell in Washington, D.C.

Kaylee has extensive outreach experience where she has engaged government officials and stakeholders on a diverse range of topics. Her passions include climate change, renewable energy, green buildings, agriculture, green transportation and infrastructure, which she was able to explore through her capstone on sustainable community development and relevant local, state and federal policy. Her undergraduate work at Western Washington University included a Bachelors in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics in addition to minors in Energy Policy and Law, Diversity & Justice.

David Gordon, ’16

David Gordon holds an M.A. in Policy Studies from UW Bothell where he researched the negative effects of the United States sports betting prohibition (which may or may not have led to the Supreme Court overturning the prohibition in 2018!). David received his B.A. in Law, Economics and Public Policy (’14) from UW Bothell.

David has worked for the Seattle consulting firm Nickerson & Associates as a Policy Analyst focusing on progressive transportation policies and as Legislative Coordinator for Jefferson County, Colorado. He’s currently with, a research and consulting resource for the Utility Industry, where he uses his policy background as a writer, editor, researcher, and subject matter expert.