Minor in Performance

Minor Description

The minor in Performance enables students to explore and engage diverse performance practices and theories and to develop artistic and conceptual competence in an interdisciplinary context.

Students who may benefit from this minor include:

  • Students who want to engage performance as a creative practice and an analytic lens for actively researching contemporary social issues
  • Students who want to explore relationships between the body, representation, action and power
  • Students who wish to add a performance perspective to their other academic inquiries, creative practices, and personal development

Students are advised to pursue minor coursework early in their studies to ensure enough time to meet course requirements. Not all courses listed below are offered on a regular basis.

Minor Requirements

  • IA Core ( 5 Credits)
    • BISIA 319 Interdisciplinary Arts
  • Additional Performance Coursework (20 credits): A minimum of 10 credits of Performance coursework must be completed at the 300-400 level.
    • BISIA 230 Performing Arts Techniques
    • BISIA 330 Performing Arts Workshop
    • BIS 322 Topics in Performance Studies
  • Depending on the topic, the following courses may be counted towards requirements:
    • BISIA 283 Interdisciplinary Arts Techniques
    • BISIA 383 Interdisciplinary Arts Workshop
    • BISIA 483 Advanced Interdisciplinary Arts Workshop
    • BISIA 484 Arts Learning in the Community
    • BISMCS 472 Advanced Media Production Workshop


If you have questions regarding the minor in Performance, please contact the IAS advisors at iasadv@uw.edu