Julie Shayne presents at the annual winter Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) meeting

Dr. Julie Shayne, Teaching Professor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and Global Studies attended this year’s winter SWS conference “Queering SWS: Seeking Radical Inclusion in a Complex World.” Shayne moderated a panel titled “Feminist Responses to Gender-Based Violence in Transnational Perspective,” organized by her longtime collaborator Dr. Barbara Sutton from the University at Albany, SUNY.

Julie Shayne

The panelists discussed their forthcoming books/books-in-progress about feminist activism in response to State based and interpersonal violence against women. Additionally, Shayne participated in a round table discussion titled “Education and Pedagogy” where she presented a paper titled “Where are the Feminist High Impact Practices?” In it, Shayne discussed the High Impact Practices (HIPs) faculty fellowship she is presently co-facilitating and the irony of the absence of feminist theorists in the literature given that GWSS is the discipline of HIPs. She was seeking input for a paper that Jesi Egan, fellow feminist scholar and Director of Research and Creative Projects for Undergraduates, are presently in the early stages of developing.