High-Impact Practices Faculty Fellowship for Pre-Major Students

Congratulations to the 20 faculty participants in the 2023-24 HIP Faculty Fellowship!

This fellowship is designed to support faculty who wish to develop High Impact Practice (HIP) assignments for lower division students. HIPS are an approach that engages students in “applied, hands-on, integrative, and often collaborative learning experiences” (Kuh et al, 2017). Research has shown that BIPOC and first-generation college students benefit greatly from participation in High Impact Practice learning. This fellowship will focus on the HIPS most common for lower-division students; undergraduate research, community-engaged learning, global learning, and collaborative and writing intensive assignments.

  • Business
    • Codrin Nedita, BBUS 221: Introduction to Macroeconomics
    • Lakshmana Krishna Moorthy, BBUS 2010: Intro to Financial Accounting
  • Educational Studies
    • Sarita Shukla, BEDUC 295: Gathering, Analyzing and Using Data in Education
    • Natasha Merchant, BIS 165: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
    • Andrew Abian, STMATH207: Intro to Differential Equations
    • Cynthia Chang, BBio180: Introduction to Biology: Ecology and Evolution
    • Karyn Mlodnosky, BCHEM 164: General Chemistry Lab III
    • Matthew Gliboff, BPHYS 114, 115, 116 series
  • Interdiciplinary Arts & Sciences
    • Kari Lerum, BIS 181: Introduction to Sociology
    • Avery Shinneman, BEARTH153: Introduction to Geology
    • Caleb Trujillo, BIS 140: Numbers in the news media
    • David Goldstein, BIS 162: Race, Gender, and Sexuality through Film and Television
    • Yolanda Padilla, BIS 165: Introduction to Ethnic Studies, Winter 2024
    • Vilma Illanes, Heritage Language courses
  • First Year and Pre-Major Program
    • Georgia Roberts, BCORE 117 Hip Hop Auto/Audiobiographies
    • Jonathan Lee, B WRIT 134: Composition
    • Katrina Harack, BWRIT 135: Research writing
    • Kristin Gustafson, BCORE 104: Time Traveling Through Experiential Learning
    • Lauren Lichty, BCORE 107: Gender Under Construction
    • Rob Turner, BCORE: Humanity 2050

Dr. Julie Shayne, Deborah Hathaway, and Kara Adams will co-facilitate the Fellowship, inviting faculty, staff, and students as guests to co-lead each session. They will provide support outside of the Fellowship for courses developed through the Fellowship. Learn more about the program.