UW Bothell SRCP Seed Grant Recipients 2024

Congratulations to the following faculty who have received funding! The UW Bothell SRCP Seed Grant Program is intended to competitively support UW Bothell faculty in all disciplines. We hope to continue building the research capacity and extramural support for faculty across all Schools. Each year, Academic Affairs supports the program with $250,000 in funding. Award...

March 22, 2024

Higher education: content and connection

Knowing the significance of social networking for students transitioning to the workforce, Dr. Joseph Ferrare researched its influence and formation inside educational facilities. He emphasizes that educational institutions should prioritize social networking resources to connect with students and encourages undergraduates to step out of their comfort zones and seek diverse experiences for their future careers. ...

February 3, 2024

Diversifying the STEM field 

Despite doubting his capability in the STEM field because of his under-representativeness, Alex Margarito found his place as a high school chemistry lecturer to advocate for diversity in education. He was inspired by Dr. Dan Jaffe to pursue higher education in atmospheric chemistry research and teaching, aiming to provide an inclusive educational environment for students...

January 26, 2024

FY2024 UW Bothell Sponsored Awards

Congratulations to the following researchers who have received funding announcements or continued funding this year: July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024. New awards will be added as they come in, with most recent at the bottom. Neurodiversity for Connected Learning Dr. Annuska Zolyomi Sponsor: Connected Learning Alliance Proposed Start date: 3/1/2023 | End date:...

September 25, 2023

Student Academic Showcase features research and capstone projects

In June 2023, UW Bothell held the Student Academic Showcase to introduce research topics across multiple areas for connecting students with community partners. From environmental issues like “Mitigating impacts of seasonal flooding” to neural concerns about “Researching the currently incurable,” students utilized this opportunity to present their results and exchange opinions with others.

June 24, 2023

Symposium showcases undergraduate research, recognizes outstanding mentors

The Undergraduate Research Symposium, an annual research event, created a stage for all three UW campuses to unveil their findings and exchange their opinions with scholars across fields. At the event, Dr. Paola Rodríguez Hidalgo, an assistant professor in UW Bothell’s School of STEM, was recognized for her dedication and was announced as the recipient of...

June 9, 2023

Dr. Shima Abadi and Rachel Aronson speak on the UW FieldSound Podcast on May 4 about “Ocean Acoustics”

Shima Abadi is the Director of the Ocean Data Lab and Assistant Professor with the UW School of Oceanography. She discusses ocean acoustics and analyzing data to understand the soundscape of underwater environments. Rachel Aronson holds an M.M.A. from the University of Washington’s School of Marine and Environmental Affairs and leads the Quiet Sound Program....

May 4, 2023