IAS students Kyra Laughlin and Cecilee Fernadez win T-Mobile Equity and Inclusion grant!


Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) Student Representative Kyra Laughlin and Cecilee Fernadez presented their proposal at the UWB Equity and Inclusion conference on behalf of their new student-led organization Sexual Assault and Violence Education (S.A.V.E). S.A.V.E, along with four other student groups, competed to win a $5,000 grant provided by T-Mobile. The conference concluded with the announcement that S.A.V.E and Indigenous Summit were co-recipients of the grant and both teams will receive mentorship from T-mobile over the next year to develop their programs.

S.A.V.E, which holds meetings every Tuesday and Wednesday, plans to use the grant money to purchase curriculum for educational workshops, bring guest speakers to campus, host film screenings, and create poster campaigns. The larger project they want to pursue involves purchasing USB drives that resemble credit cards that they will pre-load with information on sexual assault, relationship violence, how to support survivors, and self-care tips. These cards will also have a list of resources on the back and will be passed out during orientation and at S.A.V.E events. The goal of this project is to provide students with materials that they can keep with them discreetly in order to review at school or in the privacy of their homes. The organization is also in the process of reviewing UW Bothell's current sexual assault materials and working to suggest modifications that will better serve the survivor community.

S.A.V.E. is co-advised by IAS faculty members Lauren Lichty and Karen Rosenberg. The GWSS community could not be more proud of the leadership and courage exhibited by our Student Representative, Kyra Laughlin. Congratulations S.A.V.E!

You can watch a clip from S.A.V.E's grant proposal video which was shown at the conference and includes several accounts from sexual assault survivors.  

Julie Shayne, Jordan Long, Cecilee Fernandez, Kyra Laughlin, and Lauren Lichty
From left to right, Julie Shayne, Jordan Long, Cecilee Fernandez, Kyra Laughlin, and Lauren Lichty.  


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