Amadanyo Oguara publishes “Fisherman's Son”

Amadanyo Oguara

Alum Amadanyo Oguara (’16) has published his first book, Fisherman's Son, available on Amazon. Drawing from his Cultural Studies education, Fisherman’s Son follows Oguara's childhood adventures growing up in the fishing villages of Nembe, Nigeria and in the big cities of Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria. It is an autobiographical cultural and historical literature, woven in with Nembe word interpretations, traditions, and lived experiences, culminating in an unlikely journey to America to achieve educational success. 

Oguara is also an Afro-pop/World Music artist, storyteller, actor, cultural enthusiast, and a playwright with special interest in stage musicals. Since his graduation from UW Bothell, Oguara has been engaged in intercultural music performances here in the Northwest, using his focus of interpretive music performance through storytelling, as done in the tradition of the Griots of West Africa.

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