Brooke Magnusson connects her talents with passion for global health

brooke magnusson connects her talents with passion

Brooke Magnusson (’09) had spent several years in cancer research when she decided to pursue a master’s in Policy Studies. While she felt positive about her work, she desired greater impact and saw policy as that vehicle. Through her graduate studies, Magnusson received advanced training in research, policy analysis, and project management. She also conducted three internships, which complimented her learning, clarified her career direction, and expanded her professional network. Since earning her degree, Magnusson has served as Senior Grant Research Manager and later as the Associate Director of Research for Optum, collaborating with scientists to implement research studies centered around the prevention and progression of chronic diseases.

More recently, Magnusson joined Adara Development as Global Health Partnerships Manager. Adara focuses on improving health and education for women and children through evidence-based practices and knowledge sharing. In her role, Magnusson establishes and deepens partnerships with other global health stakeholders to maximize impact. Adara’s Seattle-based partners include PATH, Seattle Children's Hospital, and the University of Washington, who primarily work together on programs to improve the survival of newborns.

“The range of skills that I developed from statistics to program evaluation and leadership – are all critical for the work that I’m doing now. Global health is impacted by local, national, and international policies, and it’s important to be aware of how all the puzzle pieces fit together. The Policy Studies program helped me more clearly understand that lens and apply it to my work.”