Kristy Leissle Hosts Valentine’s Day and Chocolate Programs and Events

kristy leissle chocolate events

IAS faculty member Kristy Leissle (aka Dr. Chocolate) hosted several events and programs related to Valentine’s Day and chocolate. With UW’s Bill Fredericks, also known as “Chocolate Man,” Leissle hosted a talk for The Whole U, titled “Chocolate: A Global Inquiry.” She gave a talk and tasting for the UW Libraries InForum series, titled “From Tree to Taste: A Journey from Cocoa to Chocolate.” Around the Valentine’s Day holiday, Leissle appeared on two NPR affiliate radio broadcasts. For KUOW’s Local Wonder program, Leissle spoke with Ruby de Luna to answer the listener question, “Why does Seattle have such a large local chocolate industry?” For KCUR, of Kansas City, MO, Leissle appeared on the segment, “For a Missouri ‘bean to bar’ chocolate maker, it’s not just about the candy.” Finally, Leissle contributed a guest blog post to San Francisco’s Dandelion Chocolate, about her pioneering UW Bothell class, Chocolate: A Global Inquiry, titled “Why I teach my students about chocolate.”