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UW Bothell's Office of Marketing & Communications manages website editing access and assigns roles to users after obtaining permission from the respective "primary publisher."

You must meet the following requirements to gain access to edit

  • Be an employee of the University of Washington Bothell
  • Be approved by the organization's Primary Publisher to post content (primary publisher list by directory)
  • Must have a UW NetID account (account ending in "")

Requesting access

Here are the typical steps for gaining content editor access. Contact with questions.

  1. With their supervisor's approval, the interested employee contacts the directory's primary publisher. 
  2. Primary Publishers can request access for the interested employee by sending an email to and include the directory/directories they need access to.
  3. Once permissions is given by the primary publisher, the interested employee may sign up for an introductory editor-level training
  4. After completing the training, the trainer assigns the designated role to the trainee within two business days. 
  5. If editors receive permission from their Primary Publisher, they can enroll in the publisher-level training after completing the editor-level training. The editor training portion must be taken first.
    • Student-staff cannot be granted publisher level access so should not take the training; more information provided in the editor training.

Learn more about how Kentico access is administered to content editors.

Administering directory access

There are two user roles in Kentico with different levels of access; editors and publishers. Primary Publishers are encouraged to keep the number of publishers down to as few as possible and editors as the majority in order to ensure compliance and consistency. Role access and expectaions are reviewed during the training sessions.

  • Editor role: This user can create/edit webpages as well as content (text, tables, images, hyperlinks, etc.)
  • Publisher role: This user can do the above as well as change tempaltes, publish, delete and archive pages.

List of primary publishers

New content editors should get in contact with the primary publisher of the website directory they would like to edit. The directory name is what you see after "" for example: "" is the Division of Advancement & External Relation's directory.

By directory

Directory not listed? That means the Web Team (under Advancement) manages it. Please contact if you have questions.

Directory: Name Contact
academic-affairs Beatrice Erikson
academic-calendar Pamela Lundquist
academic-success-coaching Erik Echols
accessibility Ana Thompson
admissions Vi Tran
advising Suzanne Yates
alumni Jessica Newkirk
american-ethnic-studies Sakara Buyagawan
appliedcomputing Kate Holland-Stone
asuwb Tim Wilson
arc Madison Collins
babusiness Chris Brewer
biological-sciences Kate Holland-Stone
bscompe Kate Holland-Stone
bscsse Kate Holland-Stone
business Chris Brewer
careers Kim Wilson
catalog Pamela Lundquist
cblr Kara Adams
chancellor Mary Mahon
chemistry Kate Holland-Stone
climate-science Kate Holland-Stone
commencement Lisa Walker
community-engagement Kara Adams
community-psychology Sakara Buyagawan
conservation-restoration-science Sakara Buyagawan
css Kate Holland-Stone
cultural-studies Sakara Buyagawan
culture-literature-arts Sakara Buyagawan
cybersecurity Kate Holland-Stone
diversity Bailey Cheney
earth-system-science Sakara Buyagawan
education Michele Graff & Syd Morris /
educational-studies Michele Graff & Syd Morris /
ee Kate Holland-Stone
elementary-education Michele Graff & Syd Morris /
engineering-math Kate Holland-Stone
environmental-science Sakara Buyagawan
environmental-studies Sakara Buyagawan
facility Therese Zorich
facultyandstaff Pamela Lundquist
financial-aid Danette Iyall
gender-women-sexuality Sakara Buyagawan
gfo Dawn Moncalieri
globalinitiatives Natalia Dyba
global-studies Sakara Buyagawan
graduate Celinda Smith
gso Ryan McIrvin
healthstudies Michelle Darci
campus-living Katie Horowitz
hr Albina Korolkova

Sakara Buyagawan
ias-news Sakara Buyagawan
individualized-study Sakara Buyagawan
interdisciplinary-arts Sakara Buyagawan
interdisciplinary-studies Sakara Buyagawan
international-student-services Blake Baxter
it Adrianna MacArthur
k8certification Michele Graff & Syd Morris /
law-economics-public-policy Sakara Buyagawan
math Kate Holland-Stone
mathmatical-thinking-visualization Sakara Buyagawan
mba Chris Brewer
mechanical Kate Holland-Stone
med Michele Graff & Syd Morris /
media-communication Sakara Buyagawan
media-design Sakara Buyagawan
mfa Sakara Buyagawan
mn Michelle Darci
ms-accounting Chris Brewer
mscsse Kate Holland-Stone
msee Kate Holland-Stone
news Maria Lamarca Anderson
nhs Michelle Darci
nhs-news Michelle Darci
connected-learning Sarah Verlinde-Azofeifa
orientation Terry Hill
parents Pamela Lundquist
physical-sciences Kate Holland-Stone
physics Kate Holland-Stone
planning-administration Therese Zorich
policies Pamela Lundquist
policy-studies Sakara Buyagawan
pre-health Kristen Labrecque
premajor Richie Meyer
qsc Laura Hollingsworth
registration Pamela Lundquist
research Cindy Shirley
rnbsn Michelle Darci
safety Cham Kao
science-technology-society Sakara Buyagawan
sea Tim Wilson
secondarycert Michele Graff & Syd Morris /
society-ethics-human-behavior Sakara Buyagawan
stem Kate Holland-Stone
stem-news Kate Holland-Stone
student-affairs Tim Wilson
sustainability Therese Zorich
titleix Jo Blue
tuition Pamela Lundquist
violence-prevention Bethanie Lee
wacc Erik Echols
wetlands Therese Zorich