Marketing & communications

Naming Conventions

How to name folders and images in Marketo

Marketing Activities  

Our campus workspace is UWB. Because we are also a campus, we have added a second subunit to our convention.  Note the convention:  Workspace and Subunits are ALL CAPS.  Initiative names are Title Case (space between words).

Campaign folders

[Workspace Abbreviation]-[Sub Unit]-[Sub Unit]-[Initiative]
Example 1:  UWB-ADV-CHLR-Newsletter
ADV = Advancement
CHLR = Chancellor
This campaign is the Chancellor’s Newsletter, which is sent twice a quarter.

Example 2: UWB-NHS-ALUM  (For all campaigns related to alumni)
In that campaign folder, we add a folder for the specific initiative (project)
UWB-NHS-ALUM-September Alumni Friends Reception
This is a one-time mailing

Add a program to a campaign folder 

Note: At UWB we will use calendar year [CY] not fiscal or academic year.

[Workspace Abbreviation]-[CY]-[Sub-Unit]-[Sub-Unit]-[Program Type]-[Program ID]-[Description]
Program type :  Most of our program types will be EM for email
ID – get the ID from the URL line when you open the control panel.  It is the four-digit number before “A1”
Description:  Title case, no spaces between words

Example 1:  UWB-AY17-ADV-CHLR-EM-1562-OctoberNewsletter
Example 2: UWB-AY17-NHS-ALUMNI-EM-1482-SaveTheDate


Specific initiatives
[YEAR]-[MONTH]-[Initiative Name]-[Image Description]-[Dimensions].file extension
2017-10-Newsletter-Wolf Portrait-300x140.jpg
2017-10-Alumni Reception-Dworkin-300x140.jpg

Shared folders (frequently used pictures)
UWB-Wolf Portrait-300x140.jpg
UWB-W at Night – 600x300.jpg