Jill Freidberg


Jill Freidberg

B.A. Cultural Anthropology, University of Oregon
Certificate of Excellence in Film Production, Vancouver Film School

Office: UW2-228
Phone: 206-851-6785
Email: freidj@uw.edu
Website: www.jillfreidberg.com
Mailing Box: 358530, 18115 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011-8246


My approach to teaching is heavily influenced by my work as a documentary filmmaker and advocate for community and participatory media. I primarily teach media production courses, but I believe it is irresponsible to teach the tools of media production without also teaching media literacy and storytelling. We must learn to be responsible storytellers. Thus, I strive to combine practical production skills with theory, critique, and storytelling in all of my courses.

The most valuable skill one can possess is the ability to say: I don’t know the answer right now, but I’m sure I can figure it out. Rather than asking students to master specific tools, I encourage them to understand the foundation and principles of media production and storytelling, while building the confidence that they can learn any of the tools, solve any of the problems, and answer any of the questions that come up in their work as media producers and storytellers. I model this approach by joining my students in learning new tools as they become available.

I believe the university should serve the greater good and that student work in the
community should be an exchange where both student and community benefit, learn, teach, and grow. When I ask students to engage in community-based learning, it is with a high expectation of accountability to those communities and their stories.

Recent Courses Taught

BISMCS 234 Introduction to Documentary Film Production
BISMCS 234 Post-Production Techniques
BISMCS 260 Working With Audio
BISMCS 343 Documentary Film Production
BISMCS 343 Democratizing History with Digital Oral History

Selected Work

  • Shelf Life Community Story Project and Podcast, Founder
  • Wa Na Wari Center for Black Art and Stories, Co-Founder
  • Freidberg, Jill. Producer, Director, Editor. 2000. This is What Democracy Looks Like. USA
  • Freidberg, Jill. Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer. 2005. Granito de Arena. USA/Mexico. Corrugated Films
  • Freidberg, Jill. Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer. 2007. Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad. USA/Mexico. Corrugated Films
  • Freidberg, Jill. Producer, Director, Editor. 2008. Hidmo Means Home. USA. Seattle Channel.
  • Freidberg, Jill. Editor, Writer. 2009. Sweet Crude. USA. Cinema Guild.
  • Freidberg, Jill. Producer, Director, Editor. 2010. Starting Again. USA. School’s Out Washington.