Early Grads

Founding alumni

Since 1990, the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) has provided access to a liberal arts education for more than 7,500 alumni. As early IAS graduates (1991-2003), you are the cornerstone of this legacy. You helped shape this campus and are an important part of our school history.

Featured stories

Early grads represent a wide range of pathways. Read about these featured alumni!

Tadashi Shiga

Tadashi Shiga ’96
Green building champion

Paula Waters

Paula Waters ’98
Woodinville City Council

Stephen Ssemaala

Stephen Ssemaala ’03
Lawyer, philanthropist

Neil Low

Neil Low ’03
Novelist, retired police

Deidre Woods

Deidre Woods ’96
Teaching, public service

Fredrika Smith

Fredrika Smith ’94
School superintendent

Amy Janas

Amy Janas ’95
Marketing manager

Aaron Thacker

Aaron Thacker ’98
Army National Guard

Vicki Christophersen

Vicki Christophersen ’92
Government relations

Laura Halpin

Laura Halpin ’93
International policy

James Reed

James Reed ’95
Leadership, banking

Courtney McCurdy

Courtney McCurdy ’03
Immigrants and refugees

Cary Westerbeck

Cary Westerbeck ’99
Architect, developer

Zaheeda Edwards

Zaheeda Edwards ’95
Client engagement

T. Andrew Wahl

T. Andrew Wahl ’96
Journalism faculty

Mike Collins

Mike Collins ’94
Disability advocate

Diane Weber

Diane Weber ’00, ’04
Civic engagement

Tera Figueroa

Tera Figueroa ’98
Administrative specialist