Student Loans


The University of Washington Bothell participates in the major federal student loan programs to give our students the full range of options available for paying for college.

Student Loans are financial obligations that must be repaid. Pay careful attention to the terms and conditions of any loan you accept to help pay for school. Do not borrow more than you need or can repay comfortably after leaving school.

View the Student Loan Program Chart for Undergraduates and Graduates for a comparison of various loans.

Visit the Student Loan Guide for Undergraduates and Graduates or more information.

Short-Term Loans

The Office of Student Financial Aid has funds available for short-term loans to assist students with temporary cash flow problems. Funds are generally available within one to four working days, only to students who are currently attending the University (loans cannot be processed between quarters). Repayment is due by the next quarter, or whenever additional funds such as financial aid arrive on account, whichever comes first. There is no interest on the short-term loans, but there is a service charge added to the repayment amount.

View the Short-Term Loan page for eligibility requirements, loan amounts, dates and other information.

Parent Loans

The Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) enables parents to borrow for their dependent undergraduate children. These loans are based on credit, not on need. However the maximum amount borrowed may not exceed the difference between the school’s determination of the cost of attendance and assistance received, including scholarships and other benefits.

For more detailed information regarding the Parent Loan request process, click here for a checklist that you can print out.

View the Parent Loans page for more information.