Community partners

Advisory Board

The School of Nursing & Health Studies is grateful for the support of its advisory board, which provides guidance to the school on issues surrounding the healthcare industry and nursing education.

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Curricular & Educational Policies Board

Like the Advisory Board, the Curricular & Educational Policies Board provides guidance to our school and we are grateful for their commitment to our school and the expertise they share with us. The focus of the Curricular & Educational Policies Board is independent accreditation, educational policies, and our program curriculum. 

Meet the Curricular & Educational Policies Board members

Partnerships in our community

The School of Nursing & Health Studies is also partnering with these organizations throughout the Puget Sound area:

Verdant Health Commission

The vision of the Verdant Health Commission is “to be a sustaining public resource improving the health and well-being of South Snohomish County, collaboratively and creatively working to meet the needs of our community.” In Verdant, the School of Nursing & Health Studies at UW Bothell finds a perfect partner. We are exploring a number of initiatives linking faculty and students directly to Verdant and to other agencies with which it partners. Currently we are developing a model in which Verdant is a ‘hub” for many of our community health clinical sections. That will allow us to have a sustaining and sustainable network of collaborations coordinated through Verdant. Verdant is also represented on our Advisory Board and we look forward to expanding our partnership.

Everett Community College

An innovative program between Everett Community College (EvCC) and the University of Washington Bothell will increase the number of nurses with four-year degrees in the state of Washington. Begun in 2014, a first-year track program allows students to complete their freshman year prerequisite courses at UW Bothell. The student attends EvCC to complete two years of clinical nursing education and pass the national nursing licensing exam. In the fourth year, the student returns to UW Bothell to complete requirements to graduate with a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN).

Outstanding Community Partner Award

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