Tuition and aid

The Master of Nursing is a state-based tuition program. Tuition remains the same during a student’s first two academic years in the program. After year two, the tuition is subject to an increase (typically a 2-3% increase).

StatusAnnual University Tuition and Fees
Academic Year 2024-Full-time enrollment
Resident $19,221.00
This table shows the amount of annual full-time tuition for residents and non-residents.

Stated estimations are unofficial for general planning purposes only and derived from the UW Graduate Tuition Dashboard. To be classified or reclassified as a resident visit the UW Guide – Understanding Washington State Residency

Tuition exemption

UW and Washington state eligible employees may be eligible to use tuition exemption. In the MN program, it can be used toward two core courses: BNURS 520 and BNURS 522. These courses are year one in the program (winter and spring). For complete information on the School’s tuition exemption policy and required eligibility, see the student resources page.

Program fees

$118.99 fee for Health & Safety with our document manager, CastleBranch. Community partners may have additional onboarding costs of $75.00. Course fee for BNURS 590.

Educational loans

Veteran benefits

Scholarship resources

Updated July 2024