Health and Safety

We recognize not all graduate advanced fieldwork may involve direct patient contact; however, many are in patient care settings and involve working with other healthcare professionals who come into contact with patients or clients. To manage the following requirements, the School utilizes a secure online verification company, CastleBranch, and has access to submitted materials. Students pay the related fees directly to CastleBranch as follows: Initial background check (bi-annual): $53.00, annual re-check: $16.00, and Immunization/documentation: $63.00.


Applicants and continuing students are required to comport with a set of immunizations, student training, policy agreements, licensure, and background checks throughout the program. Failure to do so results in a retraction of the offer of admission, a registration hold, and or possible removal from the program as outlined in the student policies.


  • RN License (active and unencumbered)
  • CPR training (valid American Heart Association BLH Healthcare Provider Certificate and/or eCard accepted)
  • HIPAA Training (short online course to be completed through CastleBranch)
  • Acknowledgment of Social Networking Policy
  • Acknowledgment of Blood-Borne Pathogen Policy
  • Background Check (annual and bi-annual)
  • Annual Criminal Disclosure Form
  • Authorization for Release of Records Form
  • COVID-19 Fieldwork Policy


  • COVID-19, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • Tuberculosis (TB), Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (TDaP), Influenza (for the current flu season

These are in addition to what was submitted to the university upon admission.

Student policies

  • Applicants and students not in compliance with the Health and Safety requirements will have a registration hold placed on their account.
  • Admitted students must complete a national background check with acceptable results no later than one calendar week prior to the start of their first quarter.
  • Students must have an up-to-date background check with acceptable results throughout the program.
  • A background check with unacceptable results may result in removal from the program.
  • Students must have a current, unrestricted RN license from the State of Washington throughout enrollment in the program.
  • For students who fall out of compliance post-registration of the Advanced Fieldwork course (BNURS 591), the School reserves the right to remove the student from the course.

Contact and assistance

Students who have immunizations expire in their final quarter or after completing their fieldwork (BNURS 591) should contact the compliance officer for further instructions. Compliance Officer Mahshid Rowani @