Prerequisite for declaring the minor

  • BHS 201 (Introduction to Public Health) – offered every quarter

Minor requirements

Students are required to complete a total of 35 credits of coursework (shown below). Please note that some courses may have pre-requisites that students will need to include in their graduation plan.

  • BHS 300 (Principles of Health Research) * – offered Autumn, Winter, and Spring
  • B HLTH 435 (Foundations & Principles of Health Education & Communication) – offered Autumn
  • B HLTH 436 (Intro to Management & Leadership for Health Professionals) – offered Spring
  • B HLTH 437 (Program Planning and Strategies for Health Promotion) – offered Winter
  • B HLTH 438 (Program Evaluation for Health Education & Promotion) – offered Spring
  • B HLTH 439 (Health Policy and Advocacy) – offered Winter
  • 5-credit Upper Division B HLTH elective – offered every quarter

*BHS 300 requirement: BHS 300 can be substituted for an approved introductory research methods course. If you would like to take BHS 300 in an upcoming quarter, please note that BHS 210 (Community Health Promotion & Communication) is a pre-/co-requisite to BHS 300. If you would like to pursue a course substitution petition for BHS 300 or a pre-requisite exception request to enroll in BHS 300, please contact the Health Studies Academic Advisor Kaitlin Wolf (

To view video trailers for the specialized HEP minor courses, visit Padlet.

Class schedule

The core minor courses are typically offered once per academic year in the quarters mentioned above. Please check in with the Health Studies Academic Advisor Kaitlin Wolf ( if you have questions regarding your minor class schedule.

Course petitions

If you are interested in petitioning a course to satisfy a requirement in the Health Education & Promotion minor, please connect with the Health Studies Academic Advisor Kaitlin Wolf ( to learn more about the process.

Course petitions are reviewed by the Health Studies Curriculum Committee during the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters. Petitions are NOT reviewed during Summer quarters. All petitions must be submitted by the 6th week of the quarter in order to be reviewed and processed prior to the end of the quarter.

Updated October 2023