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Partner with us to grow the next generation of nursing leaders while meeting the needs of your organization! Complete our Online Request Form to share your opportunity for a UW Bothell MN student. Once complete, we will follow up with you within two business days. You may also connect with Fieldwork Manager Sukhaman Kaur at or call 425.352.3912.


UW Bothell MN students are seeking opportunities to develop skills in leadership, education and community partnership through mentored fieldwork with nurses in advanced practice roles. Our graduate students are experienced nurses looking for collaborations that challenge them, create solutions and leave a legacy. We invite you to share how our students can work with you on projects to enhance your organization. Our students have previously participated in projects like:

  • Developing a simulation exercise
  • Supporting a quality improvement or evaluation project
  • Leading a staff development skills day
  • Developing a leadership training program
  • Program and curriculum development

UW Bothell MN program requires students in the second year of their program to complete a minimum of 100 hours of fieldwork related to their area of interest. Every year about 30 students work with preceptors who are graduate-prepared nurses (or the equivalent) in projects related to program development, quality improvement, classroom education, curriculum development, community health, and many other topics. Ideally, projects have time expectations of about 50 hours over 10 weeks. Most students complete their projects between October and March of each academic year. (Projects of shorter or longer duration are also welcome!) Preceptors partner with students and assigned faculty to design, supervise, and evaluate student experiences.