Pandemic guidelines

Photo and video guidelines during Coronavirus pandemic

New photo and video production

All new photo and video production must follow current state guidelines.

Note that photo and video production guidelines can differ from state guidelines for other situations. Check the governor’s site for the most current guidelines.

State of Washington Production Requirements

Photo and video curation

Photos or video used for marketing purposes should ideally portray subjects following state requirements that are appropriate at the time of publication, regardless of when the photo or video was taken.

We don’t want to use a photo of the library full of unmasked staff and students, or labs with unmasked students standing close together on a project.

This does not mean that all pre-COVID images are off limits. Marketing and communications photos or videos which do not portray subjects following state requirements appropriate at the time of publication can be used:

  1. If the photo/video was taken prior to COVID-19 requirements and the shoot date is added in text/caption with the image.
    • Example: Photo taken 1/21/20
  2. If the photo/video was taken following the requirements of the time of production and is accompanied by a clarifying text or caption.
    • Example: “This photo was taken following appropriate protocols.” Or “This photo was taken safely.”
    • For pieces containing multiple images, this text can be used once to address all images.