Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal

Strengthening the learning that safeguards democracy

Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow. They will inherit the task of safeguarding the principles and ideals of our democratic way of life. To prepare each new generation for this responsibility, we turn to our schools.

Educational institutions at every level must do more than simply prepare students to pass tests. They must ensure that all students receive the vibrant, rigorous education that enables engagement and informed citizenship.

The Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal is founded on the belief that ongoing local renewal is key to good schools. Working with a network of school-university partnerships, the Institute studies and supports projects that engage communities in long-lasting educational renewal. It then uses its results to help refocus national conversations about what makes a "good school" and how to get there. 

Open STEM Research

Several projects in the Institute form the OpenSTEM Research group. With an emphasis on learning beyond the school setting, these projects affirm fundamental goals of the Institute while creating a visible focus for work that broadens the access to STEM learning. Led by Dr. Carrie Tzou, OpenSTEM Research is committed to expanding opportunities for all students to engage with STEM learning environments across the settings and time points of their lives, including schools, libraries, other community settings, and from K-12 through workforce development. The group conducts research on supporting STEM-linked identities in young people by studying the design of learning environments that connect everyday activities and cultural and linguistic community resources with technology-enhanced STEM learning. In collaboration with partner organizations, the group also designs curriculum resources and conducts professional development for STEM teachers and informal practitioners.

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