Natasha Hakimali Merchant, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor



Box: 358531

Academic Interests

Natasha (she.her.hers) is an Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Washington Bothell, situated on unceded ancestral lands of the Coast Salish people. Her teaching, largely in the social foundations of education, involves explorations of structural inequity, resistance and liberation. Her research interests stem from curiosities of how students encounter themselves as othered-subjects in social studies curricula. 

Teaching Activities

BEDUC 205 Education & Equity in the U.S.
BEDUC 220 Education & Society
BEDUC 475 Global Perspectives on Diversity and Citizenship Education
BEDUC 255/BIS 255 Critical Diversity Studies
BIS 328 Diversity, Leadership, and Engagement
BEDUC 230 Culture, Knowledge, and Education
BEDUC 391 Special Topics in Education
BEDUC 330 Race, Culture, and Identity in the Classroom
B CORE 107 Discovery Core I: Individuals and Society
BEDUC 512 Social Justice Education: Oppression, Resistance, and Liberation