Who Signs What?


Waiver of the $20 Change-of-Registration Fee

Petition for Refund of $20 Change of Registration Fee
At the time the change is made, or after receiving a bill, the student may submit a petition at the Office of the Registrar, Husky Hall Room 1130, explaining the circumstances that justify a waiver. The fee will be waived only if the change is at the University’s request or is necessary to correct a University error. If you believe the situation warrants a waiver, ask the student to take a statement from the professor, department, or whoever will assume responsibility for the error or problem involved to attach to the petition. (The fee is not waived if the change is for the student’s personal reasons, even if the student has been hospitalized.)

Late Class Add

Late Add Petition
This form must be used to add a class after the official Late Class Add period; that is, starting the fourth week of the quarter. The instructor and the department chair must sign, and the petition is submitted at the Office of the Registrar. No adviser’s signature is required, but the student must provide a written statement explaining the circumstances for the late add.

Late Registration

Late Add Petition
The student submits a Late Add Petition for each course. Instructors and department chairs must sign, and the late registration must be approved by the Registrar’s Office, but no dean’s or adviser’s signature is required through the last class day of the quarter in question. (Usually, late registration is not allowed after the last class day.)

The department chair can not sign the late add petition until the student has the instructor signature and the written statement attached.


Registration Transaction Form or MyUW
Students whose registration has been cancelled for non-payment of fees may re-register when the hold has been removed. No instructor, adviser, or dean’s signature is required. The student must re-register for his/her entire original program of classes.

Credit Limit per Quarter

Students are restricted to 19 credits in Registration Periods 1 and 2, but then may register for up to 30 credits without any special authorization. Programs of more than 30 credits are not allowed. Any UW Educational Outreach credits are included in this 30-credit maximum.
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Registration Transaction Form
Web Registration will not allow a student to register for a course as an audit. The student should register for the course, then take the Registration Transaction Form to the Registrar’s Office to have the registration changed to audit. The instructor’s permission is required but only the student’s signature, indicating that the student has the instructor’s approval. Some instructors and departments do not allow audits.

A student may change a course to audit only through the unrestricted drop period. Changes to audit after the second week of the quarter are not allowed. Audited courses appear on the quarterly grade report but not on the student’s transcript.

Course Conflicts

Registration Transaction Form
Web Registration will not allow a student to register for two courses that overlap. A student who wishes to schedule overlapping courses must obtain the permission of both instructors. If the overlap is one hour or less per week only the student’s signature is required, indicating that the student has the approval of the instructors. If the overlap is more than one hour, the signatures of both instructors are required. The student should register for one of the courses, then take the signed form to the Registrar’s Office where the student will be registered for the other course (if the course is open, of course, and the student is otherwise eligible).

Change in Credit for Variable-Credit Course

Registration Transaction Form
A change in credit for a variable-credit course can be made through the tenth day of the quarter, and no signature is required. Any change (increase or decrease) in variable credits after the tenth day requires the instructor’s signature on the Registration Transaction Form. The form is submitted at the Registrar’s Office.
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Course-Out-of-Quarter Registration

Registration Transaction Form
This is a request to take a course that is not being offered in this particular quarter. The student makes an arrangement with the instructor to complete the work, usually by independent study. The student should obtain the signatures of the instructor and department chair first.

Withdrawal from the University

No adviser’s signature is required. A student may drop all his/her courses in Web Registration through the Unrestricted Drop Period (through the second week of the quarter). After that, the student must withdraw in person at the Registrar’s Office or can send a letter to the Registrar, postmarked by the last day of instruction. The letter must be signed by the student.


Extension of an Incomplete

There is no form. The instructor should send a message to Registrar’s Office indicating the length of the extension. Extensions should be received before the end of the quarter immediately following the quarter in which the “I” was granted. Incompletes cannot be extended beyond one year from the quarter in which they are incurred. For example, an incomplete incurred Autumn quarter will, if not made up, convert to a “0.0” (or other grade if previously arranged by the instructor) at the end of Winter quarter. The instructor, however, may extend the time allowed for removal of the incomplete till the end of the Autumn quarter immediately following.
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Most faculty either aren’t aware of the incomplete extension procedure or don’t bother with it, so it generally won’t happen unless the student asks the instructor to do it. Once the incomplete has converted to a 0.0, it can’t be changed back to an I. If the incomplete converts to a 0.0, the student still has the same one year to make up the incomplete. When the grade is submitted, the 0.0 is erased and the grade entered in its place.

A student asking for an extension beyond one year should be referred to the Office of the Registrar. In general, there must be documentation that the delay is the University’s (usually, the instructor’s) fault.


Refer to the section called “I’ve been dropped for low scholarship and I want to petition for reinstatement” on the page: “I’m not doing well in my classes” under Academic Advising.

Satisfactory Progress

Extended Premajor Status

Change of College/School and Major or Minor
Any department adviser can sign the change of major form to give a premajor extension to students preparing to enter their department.

Veterans Program Forms

Veterans may be required to provide specific documentation in order to receive educational benefits at the UW. Please refer to Veteran Services and then a departmental advisor if an educational plan is needed.

Majors and Graduation

Change of College/School and Major or Minor

Any student seeking to change their major must work with their current academic advisor to submit a change of major form in Slate. This form is then sent to the academic advisor of the newly requested major for approval. If you are an academic advisor and need access to the Change of Major form in Slate, please ask your supervisor for assistance.

Application for Degree

Web Application for Graduation (WAG)

The Web Application for Degree is submitted by student’s departmental adviser(s), then reviewed by the Registrar’s Office.
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Statements of Attendance, Certification of GPA

Statements of attendance and/or certification of cumulative GPA for purposes of auto insurance, loan deferments, etc. are filled out and stamped with an official University seal at the Registrar’s Office.
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