Research and Exploration Permit

Wetland Research and Exploration Permit Requirements

We require a permit be obtained for any wetland access beyond paved trails and boardwalk. This permit allows us to keep track of how the wetland is being used by groups as well as alerting Campus Safety and Wetland staff to your presence. We will send you a permit that you should always keep with you during your visits after you have filled out the form.

Wetland Research Permit Application

If you are interested in wetland research, you will also need to apply for the permit above. Please review the Wetland Research Guidelines before completing the Wetland Research and Exploration Access Request form. We will strive to process this request as fast as possible, dependent upon the availability of experts to review potential environmental impacts. Please email to check on the status of your request. Research permits may take longer to approve depending on the scope of the project.

sunrise over the wetland with birds flying by