Survivor Services

The Violence Prevention & Advocacy Program was launched in May 2019, providing support and advocacy services to all students impacted by sex- and gender-based violence and harassment. This program meets some of the requirements outlined in the grant, so we set our goals beyond just establishing services.

Goals for Survivor Services

By the end of year 2 of the OVW grant, we will increase our successful support and advocacy for LGBTQ survivors, survivors of color, international survivors, male survivors, and survivors with disabilities by at least 50%. We will also increase the strength and scope of our program by increasing our use of evaluation to assess the impact and effectiveness of our work and making sure 100% of campus is aware of our services.

We will increase coordination for cases in which students have experienced dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking (DVSAS), ensuring student survivors will be more supported, and employees who respond to DVSAS incidents will better understand available resources and be better equipped to respond to students.

By the end of year 3, we will have implemented an ongoing effort to ensure continued support for historically underserved groups. We will also create and implement a sustainability plan to ensure online and print materials are reviewed and updated regularly.

Key activies accomplished

  • Hired part-time Confidential Advocate to provide and support and advocacy to students. 
  • Created and piloted a queer centered support group, after noticing a gap in services. 
  • Reviewed and updated VPA materials, website, logo, mission and vision. 
  • Determined priority goal for the year to focus on providing training and response coordination with Residence Life community.