Health Studies Electives

Health Studies students are required to complete health-related electives, which are approved by Health Studies faculty each year. The approved electives are categorized into four interest areas: 1) Health & Life Sciences, 2) Community Health Interventions & Practice, 3) Health & Society, and 4) Health Policy, Leadership, & Ethics.

Each area contains a curated list of courses that may aid in your career development and pathways in health. Students are not required to take courses within a specific interest area; the interest areas below should be used as a guide for your elective selection. Please note that the career pathways listed below are meant to be an example of how elective courses may aid students in their professional development; there may be overlap present in both the coursework and pathways.

Please direct any questions that you may have about interest areas and elective courses to your Health Studies advisor.

Check out the quarterly course information guides, found on the Overview page, to learn more about which health electives are being offered in an upcoming quarter.

Health & life sciences

Curated for students with a particular interest in the intersection of health and natural/physical sciences, and students who are seeking to fill common prerequisite courses for advanced study in the health sciences (such as biology and chemistry; or schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, public health, etc.). If you are considering applying to a pre-professional health program after graduation, we encourage you to meet with your Health Studies advisor and the UWB Pre-Health advisor to discuss your elective selection.

The following are examples of career pathways which may be held by those interested in Health & Life Sciences:

  • Medicine and Allied Health Professions: Medicine, Dentistry, Physician’s Assistant, Pharmacy, Nursing, Midwifery, and Physical Therapy.
  • Infectious Disease: Epidemiologist, Infectious Disease Researcher, Pandemic Response, Contact Tracing, Medical Officer, Public Health Nurse, Public Health Veterinarian, Public Health Advisor, Vaccine Researcher, Disease Ecologist, and Infection Preventionist.
  • Maternal & Child Health: Doula, Home Health Nurse, WIC Nutritionist, and Lactation Consultant.
  • Chronic Disease & Cancer: Medical Epidemiologist, Cancer Biologist, Hospice Care, Tobacco Quitline Coach, Behavioral Scientist, Study Coordinator, and Chronic and Infectious Disease Specialist.
  • Public Safety: Injury Prevention Specialist, Gun Safety Specialist, Forensic Nurse, Director of Emergency Medical Services, Specialist in Poison Information, Forensic Pathologist, Health & Safety Specialist, Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Disaster Preparedness Researcher, and Biodefense Researcher.
  • Environmental Health: Toxicologist, Poison Prevention Specialist, Environmental Engineer, Hazardous Waste Inspector, Hydrologist, Environmental Health Nurse, and Health Physicist.
  • Occupational Health: Occupational Medicine Physician, Employee Health Nurse, and Industrial Hygienist.
  • Food Safety & Nutrition: Nutrition Consultant, Food Service Sanitation, Food Inspector, Consumer Safety Officer, and Food Scientist
  • Pharmaceuticals & Drug Safety: Pharmacist, Medical Officer for Drug Evaluation & Safety, Biostatician, and Regulatory Affairs Specialist.
  • Laboratory and Health Monitoring Professions: Biotechnology, Medical Education, Public Health Geneticist, Implementation Scientist, Nanotechnology Researcher, Health Researcher, and Medical Writer.

Community health interventions & practice

Curated for students interested in aspects of community and population level health intervention and practice, such as health communication, health promotion, healthcare services and utilization, and community-based partnership for research and practice.

The following are examples of career pathways which may be held by those interested in Community Health:

  • Health Education & Communication: Health Educator / Health Education Specialist, Health Communications Director, Peer Health Educator, Health Promotion Coordinator, Sex Health Educator, Public Health Nutrition Specialist
  • Community Organizing and Care: Community Health Worker, Program Director (non-profit; county, state, national, global), Social Worker, Health Outreach Assistant, Counselor, Health Care Outreach Specialist, Patient Navigator, and Community Outreach & Engagement Specialist
  • Evaluation & Quality: Program Evaluator, Quality Improvement Specialist, Outcomes Researcher, Informatics Specialist, and Patient Safety Specialist
  • Other: Health Coach, Dance Instructor, Urban Planner, Chef, Art / Music Therapy, and Worksite Wellness Manager

Health & society

Curated for students interested in how societal, cultural, and systems-level factors influence health. Topics explored include social determinants of health, culture of health and illness, public health history, and socio-behavioral sciences.

The following are examples of career pathways which may be held by those interested in Health & Society:

  • Education: Health Educator / Health Education Specialist, Health Teacher, Continuing Education Coordinator, Education Consultant, and Professor or Dean within a University
  • Health Disparities: Officer of Minority Health, Patient Navigator, Correctional Medicine Physician, Disease Prevention Activist, and Community Outreach & Engagement Specialist
  • Mental Health: Mental Health Researcher, Public Health Social Worker, Case Manager, Coordinator, Behavioral Health Programs, Counselor, Health Psychology / Community Psychology
  • Nonprofit Services or Government Organizations: Grant Writer, Developing Director, Program Officer / Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Director of a Professional Organization
  • Health Communication: Health Journalist, Public Information Specialist, Health Communications Director, Social Marketer, Medical Illustrator, and Medical Writer
  • Military: Air Force Public Health Officer, Army Preventative Medical Officer, Army Health Promotion Officer
  • Other: Medical Sociology and Anthropology, Victim Advocate, Social Epidemiologist, and Health Researcher, Health Research Coordinator

Health policy, leadership, & ethics

Curated for students interested in health policy and management within health systems, health justice, leadership in health sector roles, and ethics issues in clinical and population contexts.

The following are examples of career pathways for those interested in Health Policy, Leadership, & Ethics:

  • Public Health Law, Regulations, & Policy: Advocacy Director, Policy Analyst, Health Legislative Assistant, Health Economist, Public Health Lawyer, Health Policy Coordinator, Administrative Law Judge, Global Health Lawyer, Consumer Advocate, and Public Health Lobbyist.
  • Health Management & Administration: Health Care Administrator, Public & Global Health Services Manager, Hospital Administrator, Health Department Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Program Coordinator, Health Commissioner, Medical Director, Federal Agency Director, and Non-profit Director/Executive
  • Other: Community Organizer, Community Activist, Medical Ethicist

Approved electives

School of Nursing & Health Studies

CourseInterest area
BHLTH 179 Interpersonal CommunicationHealth & Society
BHLTH 196 Prep to Work with CommunitiesCommunity Health; Health & Society
BHLTH 197 Prep Topics in HealthVaries by topic
BHLTH 198 Physical Activity, Nutrition, & HealthHealth & Life Sciences
BHLTH 199 Global Health Through FilmHealth & Society
BHLTH 200 Lifespan DevelopmentHealth & Life Sciences
BHLTH 201 Intro to Global HealthHealth & Society
BHLTH 216 Culture & Religions Influence on FoodHealth & Society
BHLTH 217 Nutrition and the Older AdultHealth & Society
BHLTH 218 Nutritional ScienceHealth & Life Sciences
BHLTH 219 Lifespan NutritionHealth & Life Sciences
BHLTH 220 Community NutritionCommunity Health
BHLTH 221 Dimensions of Personal HealthHealth & Life Sciences
BHLTH 222 Latina/o Health & CultureCommunity Health; Health & Society
BHLTH 223 Feminist Approaches to Women’s HealthHealth & Society
BHLTH 224 Disease, Human History & CivilizationHealth & Life Sciences; Health & Society
BHLTH 225 Intro to Cancer Biology
(duplicate course to BBIO 233)
Health & Life Sciences
BHLTH 226 Race, Socioeconomic Status, & HealthHealth & Society
BHLTH 227 Migration & Population HealthHealth & Society; Health Policy
BHLTH 228 Infectious Disease DetectivesHealth & Life Sciences
BHLTH 229 Quarantine & IsolationHealth & Society
BHLTH 297 Selected Intro Topics in HealthVaries by topic
BHLTH 301 Global Health PracticeCommunity Health 
BHLTH 320 Human Health & the EnvironmentHealth & Life Sciences
BHLTH 397 Current Health TopicsVaries by topic
BHLTH 402 Microbiology & Global HealthHealth & Life Sciences
BHLTH 405 Race, Power, & FoodHealth & Society
BHLTH 406 Infectious Disease & ArtHealth & Society
BHLTH 410 Genetics & Public HealthHealth & Life Sciences
BHLTH 411 Environments & HealthHealth & Life Sciences; Community Health
BHLTH 412 Narratives of Illness & HealingHealth & Society
BHLTH 413 Pandemics, Plagues, & FearHealth & Society
BHLTH 420 Women’s Global Health & Human RightsHealth & Society; Health Policy
BHLTH 421 Food & CultureHealth & Society
BHLTH 422 Walking in Beauty: Native Art & HealingHealth & Society
BHLTH 423 Global Health: Critical PerspectivesHealth & Society; Health Policy
BHLTH 424 Root Issues in American Indian HealthCommunity Health; Health & Society
BHLTH 425 Health in a Developing NationCommunity Health; Health & Society
BHLTH 426 Exploring the Humanities in HealthcareCommunity Health; Health & Society
BHLTH 427 Women, Culture, & HealingHealth & Society
BHLTH 428 Adolescent HealthCommunity Health; Health & Society
BHLTH 429 Global & Local Health InequalitiesCommunity Health; Health & Society
BHLTH 430 Health Policies on a Global ContextHealth & Society; Health Policy
BHLTH 431 Health Policy & Ethics in FilmHealth & Society; Health Policy
BHLTH 435 Principles of Health EducationCommunity Health
BHLTH 436 Management & Leadership for HealthHealth Policy
BHLTH 437 Program Planning for Health EducationHealth & Society
BHLTH 438 Program Evaluation for Health EducationCommunity Health
BHLTH 439 Health Policy & AdvocacyHealth Policy
BHLTH 440 Health of Military VeteransCommunity Health; Health & Society
BHLTH 441 Community Engagement in Health InterventionsCommunity Health
BHLTH 442 Family Caregiving Across the LifespanCommunity Health
BHLTH 443 Assessment of Older AdultsCommunity Health
BHLTH 444 Disaster PreparationCommunity Health
BHLTH 460 Women, Rhetoric, & HealingHealth & Society
BHLTH 497 Selected Topics in HealthVaries by topic

School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

CourseInterest area
BBIO 180 Intro Biology IHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 200 Intro Biology IIHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 220 Introductory Biology IIIHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 231Genes, Genomes, & Heredity
(duplicate course to BISSTS 231)
Health & Life Sciences
BBIO 232 Embryos, Genes, & Reproductive TechnologyHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 233 Cancer: Biology, Risk, & Treatment
(duplicate course to BHLTH 225)
Health & Life Sciences
BBIO 310 Brain & BehaviorHealth & Life Sciences; Community Health; Health & Society
BBIO 351 Anatomy & Physiology IHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 352 Anatomy & Physiology IIHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 355 Behavioral EndocrinologyHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 360 Intro to GeneticsHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO/BCHEM 364 Biochemistry IHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO/BCHEM 365 Biochemistry IIHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 370 MicrobiologyHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 372 Stem CellsHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO/BCHEM  375 Molecular BiologyHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 380 Cell BiologyHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 383 BioinformaticsHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 390 Diseases of the Nervous SystemHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 470 Microbiology IIHealth & Life Sciences
BBIO 480 NeurobiologyHealth & Life Sciences
BCHEM 143/144 Chemistry I with LabHealth & Life Sciences
BCHEM 153/154 Chemistry II with LabHealth & Life Sciences
BCHEM 163/164 Chemistry III with LabHealth & Life Sciences
BCHEM 237 Organic Chem. IHealth & Life Sciences
BCHEM 238/241 Organic Chem.II with LabHealth & Life Sciences
BCHEM 239/242 Organic Chem. III with LabHealth & Life Sciences
BCHEM 312 Inorganic ChemistryHealth & Life Sciences
BEARTH 320 Impacts of Climate ChangeHealth & Life Sciences
BEARTH 341 Natural Hazards & DisastersHealth & Life Sciences

School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

CourseInterest area
BIS 170 Intro to PsychologyHealth & Life Sciences; Health & Society
BIS 220 Developmental PsychologyHealth & Life Sciences; Health & Society
BIS 221 Gender & SexualityHealth & Society
BIS 222 Intro to Human SexualityHealth & Society
BIS 225 Social PsychologyHealth & Society
BIS 226 Foundations of U.S. Social ServicesHealth & Society; Health Policy
BIS 242 Environmental GeographyHealth & Society
BIS 265 Intro to Comparative Ethnic StudiesHealth & Society
BIS 270 Abnormal PsychologyHealth & Life Sciences; Health & Society
BIS 307 Environmental JusticeHealth & Society; Health Policy
BIS 310 Women, Culture, & DevelopmentHealth & Society
BIS 318 Global Scholars: Foundations & Prep*
*approved for Autumn 2023 forward
NOTE: 3 credit course
Health & Society
BIS 349 Personality PsychologyHealth & Society
BIS 352 Community MappingCommunity Health
BIS 353 Human Rights Theory & PracticeHealth & Society
BIS 355 History of Science & TechnologyHealth & Society
BIS 364 Representation of Adolescent DevelopmentHealth & Society
BIS 369 Indigenous PsychologyHealth & Society
BIS 380 BioethicsHealth & Life Sciences; Health Policy
BIS 384 Health, Medicine, & SocietyHealth & Life Sciences; Health & Society; Health Policy
BIS 386 Climate Change Adaptation PolicyHealth & Society
BIS 415 Public Policy & LawHealth & Society; Health Policy
BIS 418 Global Scholars: Global Citizenship*
*approved for Autumn 2023 forward
Health & Society
BIS 448 Social PolicyHealth Policy
BIS 468 Human Rights & Sustainable DevelopmentHealth & Society; Health Policy
BISAES 305 Power, Dissent, & American CultureHealth & Society
BISGWS 301 Critical Gender & Sexuality StudiesHealth & Society
BISGWS 302 Histories of Gender & SexualityHealth & Society
BISGWS 303 Approaches to Feminist InquiryHealth & Society
BISLEP 301 Law, Economics, & Public PolicyHealth & Society; Health Policy
BISPSY 337 Risk & ResilienceHealth & Life Sciences
BISPSY 343 Community PsychologyHealth & Society
BISPSY Cultural PsychologyHealth & Society
BISPSY 350 Intergroup RelationsHealth & Society
BISSTA 304 Institutions & Social ChangeHealth & Society; Health Policy
BISSTA 359 Ethics & SocietyHealth & Society; Health Policy
BISSTS 231 Genes, Genomes, & Heredity
(duplicate course to BBIO 231)
Health & Life Sciences
BISSTS 307 Science, Technology, & SocietyHealth & Life Sciences; Health Policy
BISSTS 420 Race, Gender, Science, & MedicineHealth & Society

School of Educational Studies

CourseInterest area
BEDUC 220 Education & SocietyCommunity Health; Health Policy
BEDUC 230 Culture, Knowledge, & EducationCommunity Health
BEDUC 402 Human Growth & LearningHealth & Life Sciences
BEDUC 456 Adolescents in School & SocietyHealth & Society
BEDUC 460 Moral Dimensions of EducationHealth & Society; Health Policy
BEDUC 470 Disability Culture in Schools & SocietyHealth & Society
BEDUC 481 Adolescent DevelopmentHealth & Society

Updated November 2023