Meet the 2024 Latino Leadership Initiative Cohort

Introducing the 2024 Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI) cohort! In partnership with Latino Training and Education Institute and UW Bothell Office of Connected Learning, students participate in an experience that connects them with networking and mentor opportunities with leaders in the Latinx community as well as allows them to develop a service project that impacts their community. Meeting over the course of Winter and Spring quarter, LLI students have chosen to cater their 40+ hours service project towards mentoring Bothell High School students about exploring college and career pathways, embracing life as first-generation students, and providing accessible resources. 

Aaron Guerrero

portrait of Aaron

Electrical Engineering Major, Class of 2025 
Latino Leadership Initiative allows me to help support fellow Latino students and give back to my community, network and gain more leadership experience. This program allows me to use my experience of coming from outside of the Bothell area and to share how to get over challenges like facing setbacks/rejection as well as facing other challenges many Latino communities feel.

Adriana Cuevas Sandoval

portrait of Adriana

Health Studies Major, Class of 2024 
Latino Leadership Initiative allows me to get one step closer to bringing a transformation of more community amongst Latinos at UW Bothell. My involvement in this program will help UW Bothell grow and flourish since it demonstrates the power of how a student can effect change by striving for inclusivity and understanding.

Akima Toledo Fischer

portrait of Akima

Educational Studies Major, Class of 2025 
Latino Leadership Initiative allows me to help my community and gain insight and encourage other students like me to know there are resources for them.

Evelyn Ortiz

portrait of Eveyln

Health Studies, Dentistry Major, Class of 2027
Latino Leadership Initiative allows me to gain experience and training to have an impact on my community by integrating myself with my culture and other like-minded people who want to learn about ways to support the Latino community. In this program, I learned how to be more involved and contribute ideas to help make a greater impact on the community with the resources we can provide.

Jackline Castro

portrait of Jackline

Business Administration, Accounting Major, Class of 2025
Latino Leadership Initiative allows me to put myself out there, gain leadership skills/networking opportunities and assist the community through volunteering. This program fits my career aspiration goals of catering to the Latinx and similar underserved communities and more. I can obtain skills and experiences that are best taught by living them, rather than reading or hearing about them in lectures. It contributes to the well-rounded education I am seeking as student and person.

Jaden Lopez

portrait of Jaden

Business Administration Major, Class of 2025
Being mixed, I’m keen to get in touch with my Latino side and use that connection to contribute positively. Latino Leadership Initiative allows me to connect with other Latino students and leaders while learning how to be a leader myself. This program is integral to my growth and development as a student, as it helps to build a robust professional network and the emphasis on civic engagement aligns with my commitment to making a positive impact, while also allowing me to reconnect with my Latino heritage.

Niveah Martinez

Computer Science Software Engineering Major, Class of 2025
As a first-generation college student and Mexican American, Latino Leadership Initiative allows me to be part of a community who is experiencing and navigating academia life and opportunities like mine. This program allows me to network with organizations that help to progress minorities who are not very established in academia, which is encouraging for my own academic success.

Olivia Hernandez

portrait of Olivia

Business Major, Class of 2025
Latino Leadership Initiative allows me to get exposure and connection opportunities to Latino leadership in the community, develop my communication skills, and help empower more diversity at UW Bothell.

Sabrina Prestes Oliveira

portrait of Sabrina

Data Visualization Major, Mathematics, GIS, and Data Analytics Minors, Class of 2025
Being a Brazilian-American who has re-located across states and countries over 8 times in my life, I’ve found despite developing a layered cultural awareness, the uprooting process stunted me from truly engaging with the communities I momentarily became a part of. Latino Leadership Initiative allows me to connect with the Latino community here in the US, meet new peers and participate in service projects. This program will help develop my aspirations of using data visualization, statistics, and mapping to research issues affecting Latinos both within and outside the US.