2023 ISCRM Fellows

Congratulations to the 2023 ISCRM Fellows: Jayma, Joanna, and Salvador. The UW Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (ISCRM) is a competitive fellowship intended to enhance the educational experience of an undergraduate student while they are engaged in research guided by UW ISCRM faculty. The Bothell students receive a summer research stipend, which is partially funded by the Founders Fellow Endowment, managed by the Office of Connected Learning.

Jayma Erker

portrait of Jayma Erker

During my time in the lab, I have been introduced to and have begun performing exciting experiments. I want to express my sincere appreciation for this research and learning opportunity as an undergraduate summer fellow researcher.


2023 Bothell Fellow, Marcinek Lab (Force, Muscle, Tissue Engineering)
As a Bothell Fellow, Jayma Erker and colleagues in the Marcinek Lab tested a hypothesis that mitochondrial substrate utilization following contraction in aged 3D-Engineeed muscle tissue (EMT) will be decreased compared to young 3D-EMT. The researchers adapted in vivo high-intensity stimulation protocol for use on in vitro 3D-EMT using the Mantarray platform, a system that allows stimulation and monitoring of contractile properties of engineered muscle tissue.

Joanna Agana

portrait of Joanna Agana

This program will forever be a memorable experience in my career…I [had] the opportunity to continue exploring the world of science outside of a traditional classroom setting… Through your sponsorship, my passion for biology and medicine has been strengthened.


2023 Bothell Fellow, Davis Lab (Cardiac Fibrosis, Heart Disease)
As a Bothell Fellow, Joanna Argana and a team of researchers from the Davis Lab examined the importance of external cues from the myocardium and extracellular environment in regulating how the fibroblast responds to repeat injury stimuli. By developing a protocol to isolate discrete populations of fibroblasts and study them in hearts void of injury, the researchers demonstrated that cardiac fibroblasts from the same strain can be isolated and transplanted to other hearts, without exogenous extracellular matrix.

Salvador Escamilla

portrait of Salvador Escamilla

I wanted to sincerely thank you for providing this opportunity for me as this has been an eyeopening experience and has further fueled my interest in life sciences.


2023 Bothell Fellow, Mack Lab (DMD, NDRG, Science)
As a Bothell Fellow, Salvador Escamilla was part of a research team that attempted to better characterize a novel CRISPR edited iPSC line developed in the Mack Lab to model Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) in skeletal muscle. Among other findings, immunohistochemistry and a western blot revealed a significant decrease in Fusion Efficiency of myotubes which has been identified as a measure of DMD impact.