Business students partnered with NAMI to interview community partners for mental health issues

logo of NAMI Seattle

Students from Lecturer Laura Umetsu‘s business writing class, B BUS 307, worked with NAMI to interview organizations and members from the communities. NAMI Seattle has been partnering with Umetsu to bring awareness to the positive impacts and resources that NAMI provides. These interviews were completed in the 2023 to 2024 academic year. This class received Course Support Funds from Connected Learning.

Winter 2024

Nola Kundu and Aura the therapy dog

Paws for the mind: Therapy dogs now a partner to treat mental health

Students from UW Bothell School of Business, Bennett Jochim, Masa Hanatate, Joshua Choi, and Nuranissa Sofia, interview Nola Kundu, a recreation therapist and the director of the expressive therapy department of Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital.

portrait of Agustina Eiff

“Sometimes people are ready to carry a lot of suffering, but it doesn’t have to be that way”

Students from UW Bothell School of Business, Hannah Dobes and Rushil Gadamshetty, interview Agustina Eiff, Director of Clinical Services at King County Sexual Assault Resource Center.

portrait of Hazel Brown

“Gun violence is tied not to mental health, but is tied to easy access to firearms.”

Students from UW Bothell School of Business, Joshua Choi, Masa Hanatate, and Nuranissa Sofia, interview Hazel Brown, the Policy and Advocacy Manager at Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, on restricting firearm access and providing support for gun violence survivors.

portrait of Joey Wilson

“There’s hope and you can live a productive life even with the odds against you.”

Students from UW Bothell School of Business, Aryam Kfleyesus, Victoria Korohod, James Lee, Maya Vora, and Felicia Yeh, interview Joey Wilson, NAMI Seattle Board of Director.