Quarter-Off Eligibility

If you are an undergraduate student who has completed the preceding quarter at the University of Washington Bothell, you may take a quarter off under the Quarter-Off Eligibility Policy.

Subject to college, school and departmental enrollment policies, an undergraduate student who has completed a quarter at the University of Washington Bothell may take the following quarter off and remain eligible to register in Registration Period I for the subsequent quarter without filling out a Returning Student Request Form. For example, a student completing winter quarter may, without registering for or completing spring quarter, register during Registration Period I for autumn quarter without reapplying. Any quarter from which a student has completely withdrawn, or from which he/she is canceled, does not constitute a completed quarter. Summer quarter enrollment is not required to maintain continuous registration eligibility.

Returning students who do not meet the criteria described in the above paragraph must submit a Returning Student Request Form by the published deadlines.

The Quarter-Off Eligibility Policy is not available to graduate students. Graduate students are governed by the On-leave Policy.