Tuition Forfeiture (TF) and Former Quarter Drop (FQD) Suggested Supporting Materials

Appropriate supporting materials are required:

  • Students will be required to provide supporting materials when submitting the TF or FQD Petition. Below are examples of why a Tuition Forfeiture Petition or Former Quarter Drop may be requested, as well as suggested supporting materials that may be submitted with the TF and/or FQD Petition.
  • If you include a letter with your supporting materials, it must be dated and have a handwritten signature. Letters with typed signatures are not acceptable.
  • All supporting materials must be in English. Materials not originally written in English must be translated by an accredited translator or a third-party professional, and the translator’s contact information must be included.

Reason for Requesting TF/FQDSuggested Supporting Materials
Issues related to personal health or illnessHealthcare Provider form
Statement from physician on letterhead including dates of service
Copy of medical records
Copy of police report
Copy of insurance statements
Illness or accident of immediate family or family memberDetailed explanation of family member’s medical circumstances, including the name and relationship of the family member to you
Copy of police report
Copy of insurance statements
Loss of employment of self, immediate family, or family memberStatement from former employer on company letterhead for yourself, or
immediate family or family member indicating date of termination
Required out-of-town travel or overtime workStatement from employer on company letterhead indicating that a work conflict such as out-of-town travel or overtime work negatively affected your academic success
Loss of housing of immediate family or family memberStatement from landlord or bank/mortgage company indicating change to housing situation
Marriage or divorce of self, immediate family or family memberCopy of divorce papers
Natural disasterCopy of insurance statements
Personal statement including the date(s) the natural disaster occurred and the address at which the disaster occurred
Military dutyCopy of military orders showing dates of deployment, training or service
Required to relocateStatement from employer on company letterhead indicating date of relocation
Birth of immediate family or family memberCopy of birth announcement
Copy of birth certificate or adoption papers
Loss of childcare of immediate family or family memberLetter from childcare provider indicating date of loss of childcare
Death of immediate family or family memberCopy of obituary
Copy of memorial service announcement or program
Copy of death certificate
OtherSupporting materials must clearly and explicitly describe the unexpected and involuntary change to your circumstances along with an explanation of how it prevented you from dropping or completing a course(s) during the quarter you are requesting the FQD. The supporting materials must also indicate how you have resolved these circumstances so that they will not continue to affect your academic progress in the future.