Pathways Week

January 22nd – 25th, 2024

Explore Majors. Find Your Passion. Map Your Path.

The Pathways To Academic Engagement Week is a series of in-person sessions designed to connect you with your major and with campus co-curricular opportunities. Over the week, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with alumni, advisors, professors, career services, industry professionals, and co-curricular programs and services. This week is an opportunity to explore majors, find your passion, and map your path.

Pathways Events

Soil/GIS Labs & Wetlands Walking Tours

Time: 1:00-1:45pm & 2:00-2:45pm

Location: DISC-258 & LBA to Conservatory

Soil/GIS Labs Tour (1:00-1:45pm): Join us in Discovery-258 for a Geographic Information System and Soils Lab Tour with Dr. Santiago Lopez, Dr. Melanie Malone, and research students. Students will be introduced to the GIS equipment and technologies such as drones and to new GPS units and measuring equipment. Students will also learn how to field set up for soil collection and process. Students interested in majoring in Environment Studies; Conservation Restoration Sciences; and Earth System Science Majors as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Ecological Restoration Minors are welcomed to attend.

Registration is not required, but participants are encouraged to RSVP to be informed of changes to meeting location or event details.

Wetlands Walking Tour (2:00-2:45pm): Starting at the front of the Library Building Annex (LBA) we’ll walk to the Sarah Simonds Conservatory for a tour hosted by Dr. Amy Lambert and Dr. Ursula Valdez. Students will explore the wetlands, herbarium, green house, and the Sarah Simonds Conservatory. Students interested in majoring in Environment Studies; Conservation Restoration Sciences; and Earth System Science Majors as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Ecological Restoration Minors are welcomed to attend.

Registration is not required, but participants are encouraged to RSVP to be informed of changes to meeting location or event details.

Social Justice Career Panel

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Location: NCEC

Turn Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences activist learning into social justice careers!

Join us for a panel discussion with School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Alum about their paths to jobs as social change agents. Engage in informal career conversations over light refreshments. This free event is open to all pre-majors and majors. Moderated by Dr. Alka Kurian. Hosted by UW Bothell Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies.

CSS Mixer

Time: 6:00-7:30pm

Location: UW1 Vista 2nd Floor

We’re hosting a networking event for current and potential CSS Majors. This is your chance to talk with industry professionals working in the field, learn about possible careers, and get advice on how to maximize your time at UWB. Stop by, enjoy some snacks, and chat with these amazing folks about the many opportunities available to you at UWB and in your careers. Learn more about our invited guests below:

Barry Briggs

Barry Briggs’ career in the technology industry spans over forty years. His first programming role was for NASA’s Space Shuttle program. Shortly thereafter, he found himself at a small startup in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Lotus Development, where he was a developer and software architect for the Lotus 1-2-3(tm) spreadsheet program, the most successful application of its time. In 1995, he was named a Lotus Fellow. After Lotus, he served as CTO for several successful startups before joining Microsoft, where he held several
product development roles as well as serving as CTO for Microsoft’s IT group, where he led that group’s transition to the cloud. Today, Barry is an independent consultant helping large companies with technology strategy, focusing primarily on cloud, data and AI. Barry, whom the technology publication InfoWorld called “one of the better-known CTO’s in the world,” is a prolific writer: his Enterprise Cloud Strategy has been downloaded by nearly a half-million readers. He has also published several novels.

Sujatha Sagiraju

Sujatha Sagiraju joined Truveta as VP of Engineering in September 2023. Prior to Truveta, she was the Chief Product Officer where she was responsible for the product strategy and execution. She joined Appen from Microsoft where she held engineering and product leadership roles in several groups including Bing and Azure AI Platform. She is a technology pioneer with 25 years of broad experience in building disruptive large-scale online services and AI/ML and data platforms. Sujatha has an MBA in Technology Management from University of Washington, Seattle, MS in Petroleum Engineering from University of Texas, Austin and BS in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India.

Peng Du

I write code when not racing cars, race cars when not taking photos, and take photos when doing everything. I’ve always had sort of an identity crisis. With a PhD in high-performance computing, I worked in cloud computing companies for a few years after moving to Seattle from Tennessee. Paid my dues by learning about the difference between academia and the software engineering industry. Started teaching at UWB in 2019, and really enjoyed it, especially helping the students learn things that I should’ve learned in school but ended up suffering through learning on the job through trial and error. Meanwhile, I worked at Futurewei’s cloud computing research center in Bellevue first as a software engineer and then as a tech lead and project manager. In my own time, I’ve been a weekend rally racing driver and motorsports photographer, and things get more serious in 2023. While still teaching part-time, I’ve started building a tech start-up, Apexiel, Inc., full-time with a few UWB graduates, most who are my previous students, to fundamentally revolutionize how car enthusiasts connect, and car businesses build brands and find customers. In addition, this year I worked as a professional photographer for DirtFish Rally School to cover the American stage rally national events. And these few weeks I’m also working on publishing a photo book with some of my best motorsports captures in 2023.

Shiny Malhotra

Shiny Malhotra is currently an IT Solution Delivery Manager at Boeing responsible for the overall solution delivery and support of large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs with complex integrations. Shiny has over 15 years of cross functional experience in Program and People Management, Quality Assurance, Business and Systems Analysis She has had various leadership roles managing the communication across program stakeholders, defining mitigation strategies to remediate risks & issues, and assisting teams to ensure that the value being delivered aligns to the product vision defined by product managers. Shiny has a Masters in Computer Science Engineering and MBA in Leadership.

Faculty Conversations Mixer

Time: 11:00am-4:00pm

Location: UW1 Vistas (2nd & 3rd Floors)

Throughout the day, faculty will be hanging out in the UW-1 Vistas (check in at the Info Desk for a map!) waiting to have informal chats with students. Find out more about the classroom experience, the degree options, and the field of study from the folks teaching the classes! Sit down 1-on-1 or bring a buddy. We’ll have faculty representing:

  • Arts & Media
    • 11-11:30am: Prof. Carrie Bodle, available to speak about Interdisciplinary Arts Major
    • 11:30-12:30pm: Dr. David Goldstein, available to speak about Culture, Literature and the Arts; Humanities; Study Abroad in Japan
    • 1-1:30pm: Dr. Silvia Ferreira, available to speak about Culture, Literature and the Arts (and Rhetoric & Composition)
    • 1:30-2pm: Dr. Alice Pederson, available to speak about Culture, Literature and the Arts (and other IAS majors)
    • 2-3pm: Dr. Sam Yum, available to speak about Media & Communication Studies (P&P, video production)
    • [additional faculty times coming soon!]
  • Business & Policy
    • 11-12pm: Dr. Alejandro Francetich, available to speak about Economics
    • 11-12pm: Connor McComas (Academic Advisor), available to speak about Accounting, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, & Bellevue Business; and other options & concentrations in Business
    • 11-12pm: Dr. Avery Shinneman, available to speak about Environmental Studies
    • 11-12:30pm: Dr. Sophie Leroy, available to speak about all Business options
    • 12-1pm: Dr. Martha Groom, available to speak about Law, Economics & Public Policy; and Global Studies
    • 12-1pm: Dr. Misha Mariam, available to speak about School of Business, Management and Organization
    • 12:30-1pm: Dr. Julie Shayne, available to speak about Global Studies
    • 1-2pm: Reinhart Earhart (Academic Advisor), available to speak about Management Concentration, Marketing Option/Concentration, and other Business options.
    • 1:30-2pm: Daniel Nielubowicz, available to speak about Business with a focus on Operations & Supply Chain
    • [additional faculty times coming soon!]
  • Education & Society
    • 11:30-12pm: Dr. Sarita Shukla, available to speak about Education, & applied experiences, capstone courses, core courses for the education major
    • 12-12:30pm: Dr. Yue Bian, available to speak about Education (especially Elementary Ed and ESOL Endorsements), & field-based and community-engaged learning, support for minoritized learners
    • 12-1pm: Dr. Tyson Marsh, available to speak about Education, Leadership and Grad Program
    • 12:30-1pm: Dr. Julie Shayne, available to speak about Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
    • 12:30-1pm: Dr. Allison Hintz, available to speak about Education major and certification, Community Engaged Learning
    • 1-1:30pm: Dr. Nathanie Lee, available to speak about Education major and certification
    • 1:30-2pm: Alice Pederson, available to speak about American & Ethnic Studies; Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies; and other IAS majors
    • 2:30-3:30pm: Dr. Yolanda Padilla, available to speak about American & Ethnic Studies; Diversity minor.
    • [additional faculty times coming soon!]
  • Health & Natural Sciences
    • 11-12pm: Dr. Avery Shinneman, available to speak about Earth System Science and Conservation and Restoration
    • 11-12:30pm: Dr. Grace Lasker, available to speak about Health Studies (BA and MS), SHNS Minors (Health Studies, Global Health, Health Education & Promotion)
    • 12-1pm: Dr. Martha Groom, available to speak about Earth System Science, Conservation and Restoration Science, and Environmental Studies.
    • 12:30-1pm: Dr. Jody Early, available to speak about Health Studies (BA and MS); SNHS Minors (Health Studies, Global Health, Health Education and Promotion); Fieldwork & Community-based learning opportunities
    • 1-2:30pm: Dr. Alaron Lewis, available to speak about Biology Major; & Biology and Neuroscience Minor
    • 1:30-2pm: Dr. Stephanie Iverson Cabral, available to speak about Microbiology & Public Health
    • 1:30-2pm: Dr. Scott Shippy, available to speak about Chemistry & Neuroscience.
    • 2-3pm: Dr. Jamie Shirley, available to speak about Nursing, Health Policy, and Ethics
    • 3-3:30pm: Dr. Nora Kenworthy, available to speak about Health Studies Major and Minors (Health Studies, Global Health, Health Education and Promotion), Health careers, Technology and Health
    • 3:30-4pm: Dr. Sunita Iyer, available to speak about Health Studies/Public Health, Nursing, Health Policy
    • [additional faculty times coming soon!]
  • Technology & Engineering
    • 11-11:30am: Dr. Michael Stiber, available to speak about CSSE, Applied Computing, & Computer Engineering
    • 11-12pm: Dr. Tadesse Ghirmai, available to speak about Electrical Engineering
    • 11:30-12pm: Dr. Laurie Anderson, available to speak about CSSE and Applied Computing
    • 12-12:30pm: Dr. Arnie Berger, available to speak about Electrical Engineering
    • 12:30-1pm: Dr. Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo, available to speak about Physics, & community-engaged, diversity equity and inclusion, and research opportunities
    • 1-1:30pm: Dr. Emily Gismervig, available to speak about Math Major & Minor; Actuarial Science
    • 1:30-2pm: Dr. Matthew Gliboff, available to speak about Physics
    • 2-3pm: Dr. Harry Aintablian, available to speak about Electrical Engineering
    • 2:30-3pm: Dr. Walt Charczenko(son), available to speak about Electrical Engineering
    • 3-3:30pm: Dr. Caleb Trujillo, available to speak about Data Visualization (Mathematical Thinking & Visualization); Data analytics/science minors; undergraduate research; Science, Technology & Society Major
    • 3-3:30pm: Dr. Pierre Mourad, available to speak about Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience, & Medical-Device Entrepreneurship.
    • 3-4pm: Dr. Seungkeun Choi, available to speak about Electrical Engineering
    • 3:30-4pm: Dr. Kaibao Nie, available to speak about Computer Engineering
    • 3:30-4pm: Capt. Bill Anderson, available to speak about Mechanical Engineering
    • [additional faculty times coming soon!]

Clamor Showcase

Time: 1:30-3:00pm

Location: UW2-021

Join us for the Clamor Showcase and celebrate the creative talent of our campus community! Clamor is the University of Washington Bothell’s annual Literary and Arts Journal, representing the best creative practices in literary, visual, and media arts from across our campus and surrounding community. In keeping with our name, our editorial mission is to uplift and bring together the diverse and emerging voices of our campus in a safe and supportive environment. We’ll have snacks & drinks, an art exhibit featuring our contributors, an open mic, and more. We hope to see you there! In the meantime, don’t forget to connect with the Clamor community via Instagram.

Data for All Panel

Time: 4:00-6:00pm

Location: NCEC

We’re hosting a panel & networking event for students interested in Data Science and Analytics. We’ll begin with a panel discussion and Q&A and will transition to tables for small discussions and questions in the second hour. This is your chance to talk with industry professionals teaching and working in the field, learn about possible careers, and get advice on how to maximize your time at UWB. Stop by, enjoy some snacks, and chat with these amazing folks about the many opportunities available to you at UWB and in your careers.

Caleb Trujillo, Assistant Professor of Data Visualization and Analytics

Researches how people teach and learn in STEM fields using data from rich, qualitative forms or network graphs. While these data are challenging to convert into computer-readable formats, visualizations provide a tool to dive into the information to gather intelligence and insights.

Jin-kyu Jung, Professor, IAS

Integrates various forms of data that is often seen as incompatible: qualitative and quantitative, visuality and numeracy, texts and maps, and artistic and scientific and demonstrates how this approach generates more insights than are possible within singular frameworks.

Joey Shapiro Key, Associate Professor of Physics

Analyses data from gravitational wave observatories to identify and characterize signals from black holes and stellar remnants in the distant universe in order to maximize our science capabilities and discovery.

Robin Angotti, Professor

Researches how people learn and use mathematics in everyday life, studies how people make sense of data and visual representations of data, and explores ways to use data to make a difference on social justice issues.

Surya Pathak, Professor

Leverages data to analyze supply networks, make informed decisions under uncertainty, design effective policies, and investigate sustainability issues.

Pathways Fair

Time: 11:00am-4:00pm

Location: NCEC

Join us for the “Pathways Fair” — an event connecting you with advising, co-curricular opportunities, and campus resources. Held in the North Creek Events Center, there will be tables staffed by Advisors, Career Services, Husky Herald, The Crow, Clamor, Associated Students of UWB, Environmental Education & Research Center, Quantitative Success Center, Diversity Center, Community-Based Engagement & Research, Undergraduate Research, Global Opportunities, Academic Success Coaching, Health & Wellness Resource Center, Writing & Communications Center, the Campus Library, the Counseling Center, Student Engagement & Activities, and more!

“All Pre-Med Majors” Event

Time: 5:30-6:30pm

Location: ZOOM (link)

Hosted by the UWB Pre-Medical Club, this event invites you to discover the many unique pathways to medicine — highlighting non-traditional pre-med majors. Although Biology Majors are the most common path, U.S. medical schools don’t require a specific major which opens several interesting opportunities for UWB students by allowing them students to study disciplines they’re passionate about. In attendance at the event will be current students, alumni, and medical students. Please join us via Zoom at

“BioTech & Sciences Career Fair” Prep Workshop

Time: 11am-11:45am

Location: UW1-103 or via Zoom

“How should I prepare for a career fair?” Career Services walks through how to prepare for the upcoming “Biotech & Sciences Fair” (happening on February 7th). Students will be able to address specific questions on networking tips, questions to ask recruiters, and much more. Join the workshop in-person in UW1-103 or via Zoom at

Policy Studies Mixer & Panel

Time: 11:30am-1:30pm

Location: VSMT-110

Fuel your curiosity over lunch as we navigate the intricate world of policy-making together through opportunities including; the Washington D.C. Seminar in Human Rights, and the Master’s in Policy Studies. This event is for all students, whether you are just exploring your pathway and major at UWB, or are already in a major in the Policy Studies pathway. Delve into insightful discussions, gain valuable insights from faculty, current students (undergraduate and graduate), and network with like-minded individuals passionate about shaping impactful policies.

Because we’re serving lunch, please RSVP here to ensure we order sufficient quantities.

Careers in Business

Time: 1:30-3:30pm

Location: Collaboratory (Discovery Hall – 152)

Do you want a job at Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, or Starbucks? These companies possess extensive global influence and stand as prominent employers in Seattle. However, securing a position involves contending with a vast pool of applicants worldwide. Join us in the Collaboratory at 1:30pm to learn more about how studying Business can help you get there. Pizza will be served!

Internship Workshop with ACM-W

Time: 3-5pm

Location: UW1-021

Procrastinated applying to tech internships for this Summer, and need some guidance? UWB’s Association for Computing Machinery, Women (ACM-W) club has you covered (boba included)! They are hosting an internship workshop to help you prepare for last minute applications. The workshop includes: 1) representatives from career services to conduct a resume crash course, 2) representatives from FAANG to walk participants through their experience transitioning from student to full time work, and 3) networking time with a curated list of internships for Summer 2024.

Journalistic Storytelling with Husky Herald

Time: 3:30-4:30pm

Location: HH-1210 or via IG Live

Join UWB’s “Husky Herald” for their Winter Workshop on journalistic storytelling in person in Husky Hall 1210, or via IG Live (@husky_herald). Learn how to create compelling news stories, about what they do on campus, how you can contribute to UW Bothell’s student newspaper, and learn best practices and tips for developing effective news stories in the creative journalism process.

Collage Poetry Workshop

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Location: UW1-221

Join Dr. Amaranth Borsuk, Director of UWB’s MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics, for a workshop melding visual art and poetry. Use erasure techniques to create poems from existing texts, revealing hidden potentials within them. Come celebrate creativity in community, learn more about the Interdisciplinary Arts and Culture Literature & the Arts majors, and explore the power of words. Refreshments and workshop supplies provided.

Registration is not required, but participants are encouraged to RSVP.

Career Conversations Mixer

Time: 5:30-7:00pm

Location: UW1 Vistas

Ending the Pathways Week is a massive “Career Conversations” Networking Mixer with representatives from Arts & Media, Business & Policy, Education & Society, and Health & Life Sciences. Join small groups of industry professionals, alumni, and upper-division students to chat about internships, career opportunities, and the wide range of opportunities that studying a given major can earn you. Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

While our guest list will continue to grow throughout December and January, as of the end of Fall quarter the following have confirmed:


Time: 3-4pm

Location: Husky Hall 1210

The UWave Radio Info Session will be held on Friday, January 26th from 3-4pm in Husky Hall 1210, and will also be livestreamed on Instagram (@uwaveradio). Come learn more about UWave Radio and ways to get involved on campus with a flexible commitment level and to expand your professional and creative skills. This Info Session is for all students who are interested in hosting their own radio shows and podcasts, DJing at events, or are just curious about what UWave is and has to offer!

Meta Major Pathways Introduction

Asynchronous Resources