Meta-Major Pathways

Your educational plan: where do you want to make a difference?

Meta-Majors Pathways are intended to help undergraduate students discover academic, co-curricular, and research opportunities at UW Bothell based on their intended major or field of interest. A meta-major pathway will show you various Degree Maps, which aim to help students visualize a path in order to plan courses each quarter.

These Meta-Major Pathways were developed to help students:

  • Explore majors and gain a better understanding of your field of study
  • Discover opportunities for engagement that will help you begin to connect to a community of students, faculty, and programs
  • Connect with people and programs that are related to your area of interest
  • Engage in coursework that will develop transferable skills for your career, graduate school, and future.

Note: Meta-Majors are not the same as majors. View the alphabetical listing of UW Bothell majors.

Meta-Major Pathways introduction

Arts & Media

Examine visual, literary, and media practices as a way to transmit information and ideas in professional, technical, organizational, academic, and/or public settings.

Learn more about Arts & Media.

Business & Policy

Examine organizational and societal structures to improve processes or develop initiatives.

Learn more about Business & Policy.

Education & Society

Identify, assess, and analyze human experiences and cultural values to understand societal behaviors, structures, issues, and practices.

Learn more about Education & Society.

Health & Natural Sciences

Apply knowledge of the physical, chemical, biological, and social sciences to solve problems and advance discoveries.

Learn more about Health & Natural Sciences.

Technology & Engineering

Solve complex problems that include scientific, social, political, cultural, and ethical dilemmas.

Learn more about Technology & Engineering.

What are Degree Maps?

Sometimes called a major map, a Degree Map suggests courses you need to complete each quarter to be “on track” to graduation and admission to a major. The goal of Degree Maps is to provide a clear, direct path to graduation.

The degree maps is one toll to help you plan your coursework and make the most of your UW Bothell experience.

Major requirements and sample Degree Maps

Degree Maps are four-year sample plans and overall graduation requirements for each of the majors offered at UW Bothell. Your actual course schedule will vary, based on your academic background and prior college credit (from Running Start, AP and IB scores, College in the High School, etc.)

Please check with your academic advisor for further information and planning your schedule. Find your Degree Map here.