Discovery Core Experience

DCX courses are designed to support you in forming connections with communities of peers and scholars by encouraging you to take ownership of your growth through transformative learning, engaged scholarship, and active reflection.

DCX courses are at the center of FYPP and include a wide range of electives that fulfill distribution and prerequisite requirements of UWB; and provide students the opportunity to explore a range of topics such as biology, business, chemistry, mathematics, literature, writing, psychology, sociology, computer science, or philosophy.

DCX students will develop and grow fundamental skills for success, identify and connect with campus resources, engage in reflective practices, collaborate in an inclusive and diverse community, and cross disciplinary boundaries.

Who Should Take a DCX Class?

The Discovery Core Experience is considered a signature program of UW Bothell to help students orient to the University, develop community with other new students, and explore the interdisciplinarity of studies. It is required for:

  • Pre-Major Students: All students entering UWB as a pre-major student are required to take BCORE in their first quarter. This includes first-time first-year students as well as any student entering with pre-major status regardless of credits completed.
  • First Year Students in a major but with less than 45 credits: First year students in any major entering with less than 45 credits must also take a BCORE class in their first quarter.
  • Transfer Students with less than 45 credits: All transfer students with less than 45 credits must take a BCORE class in their first quarter. Transfer students with 45+ credits may petition to opt out of Discovery Core provided that all other general education requirements have been met.

Students who do not complete a Discovery Core in their first quarter will have a hold placed on their registration for the following quarter and must meet with a pre-major advisor to enroll in an BCORE course.

DCX Learning Goals

The First Year Learning Goals are designed to encourage students, faculty, and staff to dynamically claim our own education as we practice ever more effective forms of learning. Emerging from UW Bothell’s central values of transformative learning, engaged scholarship, and the fostering of an inclusive culture, the goals are shaped to create the context for understanding the many traditions that converge here at the university, to support the creation of knowledge, and to shape new social practices.

The Discovery Core Experience (DCX) invites students to foster relationships within the campus community and beyond; develop connections to campus resources and co-curricular opportunities; and develop the skills necessary for success at the University of Washington Bothell.

The DCX offers students a set of interdisciplinary experiences in order to prepare them for success in their personal, academic, and career pathways. These experiences reinforce themes of inclusivity and diversity while nurturing a sense of belonging and purpose.

The heart of DCX is supporting students in forming connections with communities of peers and scholars by encouraging them to take ownership of their growth through transformative learning, engaged scholarship, and active reflection.

The goals of the DCX are to:

Develop and Grow Fundamental Skills for Success:

Students will articulate their strengths and growth areas in essential university-level skills such as time-management, study and testing skills, academic integrity, information literacy, and quantitative literacy as fundamental skills for success.

Identify and Connect with Campus Resources:

Students will use university resources to develop a sense of community and meaningful connection through co-curricular opportunities that will contribute to their academic goals and their physical and emotional well-being.

Engage in Reflective Practices:

Students will engage in reflective practices to develop ownership of their academic plans and personal goals. Students will use self-reflection to develop resiliency, confidence, self-efficacy, self-worth, persistence and growth mindset.

Collaborate in an Inclusive and Diverse Community:

Students will build a toolkit for successful collaborative practices through scaffolded and reflective group assignments, including essential skills in conflict negotiation and cognitive empathy.

Cross Disciplinary Boundaries:

Students will join reason and imagination to explore ways to investigate, critique, and pursue meaning through innovative classes that cross disciplinary boundaries.