Autumn DCX

A required course for all first year and pre-major students, the Autumn DCX will help students transition into UWB; develop skills in writing and communication, information literacy, quantitative literacy and academic integrity; and foster connections across academic disciplines and between the classroom and wider world. 

  • Areas of Inquiry (AOI): The Discovery Core Experience courses meet UWB Areas of Inquiry requirements such as “Natural Sciences” (NSc), “Social Sciences” (SSc), and “Arts & Humanities” (A&H). You may also see a designation for Writing (W), Composition (C), Diversity (DIV), or Community-Based Learning and Research (E). 
  • Credits: 5-credits

Autumn DCX Courses Currently Offered

To find out which DCX courses are being offered this term, please explore our “60-Second Syllabi” below. These offer you quick snapshots of each of our courses, the faculty teaching them, and the kinds of experiences you can expect while taking them.

Meeting DIVERSITY requirements

Linked with a composition class