Visit the Wetlands

Boardwalk and surrounding vegetation in wetlands UWB hosts science camps every year giving children a hands-on experience in wetlands, 2006 Photographer: Warren Gold Barred Owl, 2008 Photographer: Facility Services Boardwalk and surrounding vegetation in wetlands, 2011 Photographer: Marc Studer

You're Invited to Visit the Campus Wetlands!

The general public is welcome to explore the wetlands from the paved regional trail and boardwalk (see map). Individuals and  small groups may visit anytime without prior notice. However, larger groups should apply for a permit as described below under "How to Visit the Wetlands". Regular tours are not scheduled but you may inquire about the availability of a special guided tour with campus staff at

For students, teachers, and researchers be sure to read below about the different ways you can experience the wetlands. There are important regulations and specific permits are necessary for some activities. Read the section below on "How to Vist the Wetlands" for an introduction to those issues.


Are you student curious about this island of nature on campus?
Learn more about how you can take a class, do a research project, get involved with the restoration, or just visit on your own in the student’s guide.


Are you an instructor interested in using the wetlands in a class or taking your students on a field trip?
Get ideas and learn more about this in the instructor’s guide.


Are you a scientist interested in doing research in the wetlands?
Learn more about the possibilities and how to conduct studies in the wetlands in the researcher’s guide.

How to Visit the Wetlands

The campus wetlands can be easily observed from the paved trails and boardwalk. A regional bicycle / pedestrian trail follows the western and northern borders of the wetlands. The central boardwalk provides an “in-the-wetland” experience along with interpretive signs. Individuals and small groups are welcome to use these paths without permission. Organized tours, classes, and larger groups (>10) should apply for a Wetlands Observation Permit. This permit allows us to track visitation to the wetlands and alert Campus Security and wetlands staff to the authorized presence of a visiting group.

To preserve the ecological integrity of the wetlands access off of the paved trails and boardwalk into the Wetlands Restoration Area (WRA) is strictly prohibited without prior permission. Classes or organized tours (of = 25) may observe the wetlands closer up, off of the boardwalk and paved trails, with a Wetlands Exploration Permit. We cannot supply personnel to lead such trips so if this is your first visit to the wetlands you will have to arrange for an orientation prior to your class trip (see Exploration Permit form).

Scientific research in the wetlands allows us to understand its recovery and better manage the landscape. We encourage faculty and student research through courses and independent projects, as well as research by other scientists wishing to use the wetlands for investigation. All research proposals are carefully scrutinized to make sure there are no substantial adverse impacts on the wetlands. If you would like to undertake research in the wetlands you must obtain a Wetlands Research Permit. Preliminary inquiries about research can be made on the Questions? page.