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""Sustainability is a core part of the University of Washington Bothell, and has been since our inception over 20 years ago. The construction of campus helped weave sustainability into our fabric, the development and growth of our campus continues to guide our vision for how we evolve. We are committed to keeping our campus green.

What is sustainability?

At the University of Washington, we define sustainability as the capacity and commitment to create and maintain healthy, equitable and diverse communities now and into the future. UW Bothell honors their commitment by:

  • Developing an understanding and respect for the interdependence of the atmosphere, the waters, the land, and the Earth's inhabitants
  • Making every effort to use our collective wisdom to act out of that understanding and respect

Take a deeper dive into the UW Sustainability definition and its clarifications. 

We need to be stewards of our resources so we don't overshoot our supply and run out as well as ensure that the production, use, and disposal of products is equitable, fair and respectful to all of Earth's inhabitants. This relates to resources such as water, food, energy, waste, materials, and more. This also has to do with coming together as a community to share these resources and find opportunities to find common ground and work toward the health and wellbeing of our community.

Sustainability is not limited to the envrionment. The UW Bothell Sustainability Office hosts a wide variety of programs and initiatives that touch on different aspects of sustainability as a whole.

Take a walk on a guided tour of campus and learn more about sustainability at UW Bothell/Cascadia College! 

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