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Mission Statement

Embedded in the core values of the University of Washington is a commitment to ensuring access to a quality higher education experience for a diverse student population. Disability Resources for Students (DRS) recognizes disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to our campus community. DRS serves as a partner in fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all University of Washington students.

Speak with a DRS Counselor

If you are a prospective student, please call (425) 352-5307 or email to set up an appointment. If you are a current student, you may schedule an appointment by clicking this link.

Contact Information


Rosa J. Liu, M.Ed.

Manager, Veterans Services & Disability Resources for Students
Phone: 425-352-5307
Fax: 425-352-5114


Alternative Testing

Phone: 425-352-5426
Location: UW1, Room 071

Testing Hours

Testing appointments may be scheduled during these times:

Mon & Tue 8:45 am – 4:45 pm
Wed & Thu 8:45 am – 6:45 pm
Fri 8:45 am – 12:45 pm

The office is open 15 minutes before and after these times for check-in/out and exam drop-off/pick-up.