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The First-Generation New Student Network at UW Bothell is a community in which information, support, and resources are provided for first-year and transfer students who self-identify as first-generation. At the University of Washington, a first-generation student is defined as a student whose parents did not obtain a bachelor's degree and are the first in their immediate family to attend a college or university. Often first-generation students have little or no collegiate history within their family unit. If you’d like a community to help you navigate the academic, financial, career, and social aspects of UWB, we are here for you! If you also identify with this network and would like to join, feel free to contact the Network Leads by emailing

There are a number of resources available in the community and at the University of Washington Bothell for students who identify as first-gen. As part of your orientation process, you will have the chance to learn more and connect with this Network and its members.



  • Diversity Center (UW1-173): You will find tons of resources and more importantly a support group here. A lot of cultural clubs meet here are linked to this center. If you want to find your group, this is a place to go. Also, the husky pantry is located here, so if you need help with food or any other basic needs this is where you can go collect them with no questions asked.
  • Financial Aid Office (Husky Hall): You can get help with FAFSA or scholarships here. It’s a very popular office, so make sure you book an appointment so you can avoid the wait time.
  • Career Services Office: Here you can find on and off campus jobs. If you want someone to read over your resume or have a mock interview this is a place to go. They can also help you schedule classes and register for them.
  • Academic Support Services: This includes the QSC (Quantitative Skills Center), WACC (Writing and Communication Center) which provided you help with most of your classes for free. Also, the library let’s you check out almost any equipment you need for classes for free.


Online Resources:

  • Scholarship: There are multiple scholarships available concentrated just at first gen students, this is just a place to start.
  • FAFSA/WAFSA: Always apply for FAFSA/WAFSA every year. You might be eligible for aid which is pretty much like a scholarship.
  • First Generation College Student Guide: Starting college as a first generation student has its share of challenges. This guide is designed to help students overcome those challenges and succeed in college.


Why We Became First-Gen Student Network Leads


“I am here to do my best to support incoming new first-generation students with the resources and help they can get to make the best out of college.”  

  -Alexander K.

“As a first-gen student I want to provide the support and knowledge I’ve learned from experience to help other students through their transition.”                 

 - Jazmin

“As a first-generation student I had many challenges navigating the college transition process. However, with the help of a few upperclassmen I was able to find my place at UWB. I want to provide a framework for other students so that their transitions would be smoother.”   -Justin

“As a first-gen student I wanted to help other first-gen students through their college career at UWB.”

 -Vivian H.






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  • Phone425.352.5266
  • TEXT: 425.243.0584
  • Location: UW1-061
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    Monday – Friday:
    8:00 am to 5:00 pm
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