UW Bothell Professor Dan Jaffe named to EPA list of clean air experts

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named University of Washington Bothell’s Dan Jaffe, a professor of environmental chemistry, to its list of air quality experts.

Dan Jaffe

The 12 experts will assist the federal agency’s Chartered Clean Air Advisory Committee, providing technical expertise in a review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for particulate matter and ozone.

Jaffe is an expert both on ozone, a key ingredient of smog, and on particulate matter, the tiny bits in smoke that may be breathed deep into the lungs.

“This appointment represents an opportunity to use my scientific expertise to support the EPA’s decision-making,” Jaffe said. “The long-term goal should be that our environmental laws, rules and regulations be based on the best available science and be designed to protect public health with an adequate margin of safety.”

Jaffe also is a recognized expert on the global transport of pollutants through the atmosphere. He leads research into local, regional and global pollution sources in the western United States. In addition, he is chair of the Physical Sciences Division in UW Bothell’s School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).

“Dr. Jaffe is known internationally as an expert on air pollution and especially on ozone. We’re delighted that the EPA has recognized his work and that he is able to add his voice to the decision-making process,” said Marc Servetnick, acting dean of the School of STEM.

The EPA clean air committee had requested additional experts. The EPA administrator selected them from people who were publicly nominated.

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